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Sermon Isaiah 5:1-7 Let the Vineyards be Fruitful, Lord The Rev. Dr. James D Kegel Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. Some of you know all about grapes. You grow different varieties an Sermon Isaiah 5:1-7 The Unexpected Harvest The Rev. Charles Hoffacker Among the many powerful forces we experience in life are expectations. Some expectations come from other people. Parents, spouses, peers, bosses, friends, children, neighbors, customers, and plenty of others all have their expectations o 16th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 22) (A) Sunday, October 2, 2011. • Roll out cart with CD player on it. • Isaiah 5:1-7 is a love song. • It's God's love song for His people. • The owner did everything for that vineyard. • He put the vineyard on a hill to get good sunlight. • He dug and broke up the ground. • He cleared the. ISAIAH SPEAKS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA ISAIAH 5:1-7 A PROPHET SINGS THE BLUES Painful life experiences are often communicated through song. The spirituals, blues, and rap music are genres that the black community used to communicate the reality of the social ills experienced by black people in America Isaiah 5 1. Isaiah composes a song for his well-beloved (Isa. 5:1-7). a. Isaiah had the spiritual maturity to enjoy an intimate love relationship with the LORD (v.1a). b. Isaiah had the grace orientation to understand all of Israel's blessings were the work of the LORD (vv.1b,2). c. The vineyard was in terrible condition

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Isaiah 5 God is the vineyard owner. He is deeply invested in the care of the children of Israel. Matthew, chapter 21, The Palm Sunday parade is over. Jesus has come looking for mercy and justice. In Jesus Holy Name October 5, 2020 Text: Isaiah 5:7 Redeemer The Vineyard of the Lord There are times I really appreciate a fine wine Commentary, Isaiah 5:1-7, James K. Mead, Preaching This Week, WorkingPreacher.org, 2008. The exile did not mean Israel lost its elect status; it did mean that for several generations the people lost the blessings of that election. I cannot help but think how the North American church has lost what it means to live into the gracious.

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  1. Isaiah 5:1-7: Unfruitfulness Reproved: W. Reading, M. A. Isaiah 5:1-7: Who was the Speaker: W. Hay Aitken, M. A. Isaiah 5:1-7: Pulpit Commentary Homiletics. The Parable Of The Vineyard . Isaiah 5:1-7. E. Johnson . I. NOTICE THE ART OF THE PARABLE. It has been remarked, A proverb finds him who a sermon flies. Pictures from nature are.
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  3. Isaiah 5. - The Vineyard of the LORD. A. The parable of the vineyard. For exquisite beauty of language and consummate skill in effective communication, this parable is virtually peerless. One difficulty of a literary masterpiece is that a would-be translator who is not the literary equal of the author faces an impossible task
  4. The Parable of the Vineyard: 5:1-7 1. The Song of the Vineyard: 5:1-2 2. The Judgment of the Vineyard: 5:3-6 3. The Application: 5:7 B. The Woes and the Judgments: 5:8-25 1. The First Woe: 5:8-10 O-ISA.PDF The Book of Isaiah - OUTLINE, PAGE 11 5. The Fall of Ariel: 29:1-4 6. The Punishment of Ariel's Enemies - 29:5-
  5. Isaiah 22:8-25 A Horrible Discovery May 26, 2013. Isaiah 23:1-18 The Burden of Tyre June 9, 2013. Isaiah 24:1-23 The Lord Maketh the Earth Empty June 16, 2013. Isaiah 25:1-12 He Will Swallow Up Death in Victory June 30, 2013. Isaiah 26:17-19 Salvation and Resurrection of Israel July 7, 2013
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The vine even more commonly symbolizes Israel than the fig tree. Isaiah 3:14, 15 accuses Israel's leadership of spoiling God's vineyard (Israel) when they oppressed the people. Isaiah 5:1-7's elaboration on this theme begins with the Song of the Vineyard (Isa 5:1, 2). It pictures a vineyard planted on excellent soil with day-long sunlight SECTION OUTLINE THREE (ISAIAH 5) This chapter describes God's judgment upon his vineyard. I. THE PARABLE OF THE VINEYARD (5:1-7) A. The identity of this vineyard-Israel (5:1-2): God himself laid out this vineyard on a very fertile hill, planting in it the choicest vines. B

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  1. Isaiah 5:1-7 continues this review of Israel's rebellion. This pas- sage relates Israel's rebellion in a story form that resembles both para- ble and allegory but is stated to be in the form of a song (v 1). My . Al Fasol: PREACHING FROM ISAIAH 95 wellbeloved (v 1) is God. The vineyard's identity is the house of Israel
  2. From here you can print or share PDFs of your outline. You can create a PDF of an outline to share via email on the print screen. Isaiah 5:1-7 Responsorial Psalm Psalm 80:9, 12, 13-14, 15-16, 19-20 Responsorial Psalm The.
  3. devastation, 5:1-7 b. A catalogue of their sins with appropriate punishment, 5:8-24 c. God's means of inflicting destruction and the end result, 5:25-30 4. Isaiah's vision of the Lord, 6:1-13 a. What Isaiah saw, 6:1-7 b. What Isaiah heard, 6:8-13 (1) Go and preach repentance to a non-responsive people, 6:8-1
  4. g in the future (Isa. 5:5-6), the psalmist later writes from the midst of it and pleads for God to have regard for.
  5. OUTLINE OF ISAIAH I. THE RETRIBUTION OF GOD (ISAIAH 1 - 39) A. The Lord's Indictment Of Judah (Isaiah 1 - 6) 1. The Heading Of The Book (1:1) 2. The Lord's Lawsuit Against Judah (1:2-31) a. An Accusation That His People Broke The Mosaic Covenant (1:2-9) b. Instructions On How Judah Should Deal With Her Guilt (1:10-20
  6. The basic theme of this book is found in Isaiah's name: salvation. is of the Lord. The word salvation appears twenty-six times in Isaiah but only seven times in all the other prophets combined. Chapters 1-39 portray man's great need for salvation and chapters 40-66 reveal . 1

Visit http://www.pastorshelper.com for Dynamic Sermons & Ministry Resources! 1 130 Free Sermon Outlines Edited by Barry L. Davis, D.Min. www.pastorshelper.co For our study we will follow the outline provided in commentary on Isaiah by J. Alec Motyer, in the series of Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries. Outline of Isaiah: THE BOOK OF THE KING (1-37) I. BACKDROP TO THE MINISTRY OF ISAIAH: THE AUTHOR'S PREFACE (1 - 5) a. Heading (1:1) b. A comprehensive failure (1:2-31) i. The national. 15 - Worthy Is The Lamb - Revelation 5:1-7 16 - Sweet Songs In Heavenly Places - Revelation 5:8-14 17 - Horsemen On The Horizon - Revelation 6:1-8 18 - Two Worlds In Prayer - Revelation 6:9-17 19 - The Mystery Of The 144,000 - Revelation 7:1-8 20 - A Multitude No Man Could Number - Revelation 7:9-17 21 - When Heaven Falls Silent - Revelation 8:1-1

(Isaiah 5:1-7) What kinds of suffering did Isaiah predict as a result of Israel's sin in these verses (Isaiah 5:8-15) What would become apparent about the character of God through His judgments in verse sixteen (Isaiah 5:16) What sorts of people did Isaiah preach woe to in these verses of this boo See Isaiah 55:7-9 (printed below) Let the wicked man forsake his way, and let the unrighteous man forsake his thoughts. Let him return to Jehovah, and he will have mercy on him. Let him return to our God, for he will abundantly pardon— (8) for my thoughts are not like your thoughts, neither are your ways the same as my ways, declares Jehovah Isaiah - Outline I. Introduction A. Isaiah the man 1. The son of Amoz was born in Jerusalem about 760 B.C (1:1). 2. Ministry began about 740 B.C. a. Preached 40 years in his native city. b. He was a young noble who had access to the court. c. He was married about 734 B.C and his wife was a prophetess (8:3). d. He had two sons. 3. His attitude. For the vineyard of the LORD of hosts is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah His delightful plant. Thus He looked for justice, but behold, bloodshed; for righteousness, but behold, a cry of distress (Isaiah 5:1-7). Isaiah closes his song with a play on words. Israel is a degenerate vine There is also an outline of the book which will be followed in the class meeting in discussing the book. The student may want to have the aid of a commentary when preparing for class. For a brief treatment of the book, I recommend Wayne Jackson's book, Isaiah: God's Prophet of Doom and Deliverance (Quality Publications). For a fuller.

I. The Assyrian Era (With Other Prophecies), Isaiah 1-39 I.A. Introduction. I.A.1. General Introduction To The Book. I.A.1.A. A Vision. This book represents the vision (ḥazon) that Isaiah had about Judah and Jerusalem during the reigns of four kings who ruled between 767 and 686 B.C., so the vision was not the event of a night but of years, various separate revelations combining to form the. The documents on this page are to be used as seed thoughts for sermon and study ideas. These are the seedlings that must be grown in the privacy of your own study. Emphasized text shows the latest additions. Click on the document title to view or download a Microsoft Word document. Click on the PDF icon in the last column for a PDF version Study Isaiah using Wesley's Explanatory Notes to better understand Scripture with full outline and verse meaning

ISAIAH. Our sermon ideas on Isaiah will help you preach a powerful message on the God of salvation. Preach on topics including returning to God, the source of salvation, repentance, the call of God, and fervent prayer offered to the God who answers. Prepare your messages on God's Word in Isaiah with sermon outlines or an entire sermon series In this chapter, Hezekiah falls ill and is told by the prophet Isaiah that he is going to die, v. 1. Hezekiah takes the matter to the Lord in prayer, v. 2 . God hears him and before Isaiah can even leave the palace, 2 Kings 20:4 , God answers the prayer and sends Isaiah back to tell the king that he will recover and live another 15 years Isaiah 11:1-5 a Shoot from the Stem of Jesse . The message of messianic hope and comfort runs throughout the book of Isaiah. The Hebrew prophet Isaiah reminds his readers in numerous ways that the Lord God reigns! He is sovereign and He is in charge of the affairs of the nations of the world

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This Bible Study on Isaiah 9:1-7 reveals the glorious light shining in the darkness, God's promises as found in Isaiah 9:1-7. They bring the spark of hope even to darkest and most devastated situations and lives. They center around the birth, life and eternal reign of Christ Jesus 25 Lessons on Isaiah. Need help with the videos? Check out our FAQ page. First Quarter Lesson 1 (September 5, 2010) - Introduction. Handout for Lesson 1: Outline of Isaiah Handout for Lesson 1: Outline of Isaiah (PDF format) Class Notes for Lesson 1 Class Notes for Lesson 1 (PDF format) Audio of Lesson 1 in MP3 format Streaming Video of Lesson. THE BOOK OF ISAIAH Isaiah, one of the greatest of the prophets, appeared at a critical moment in Israel's history. The Northern Kingdom collapsed, under the hammerlike blows of Assyria, in 722/721 B.C., and in 701 Jerusalem itself saw the army of Sennacherib drawn up before its walls. In the year that Uzziah, king of Judah, died (742), Isaiah received his call to the prophetic office in the.

Sermon Starters. All preachers benefit from infusions of fresh ideas on biblical texts. Our Archive of sermon starter articles contain jump-start ideas to spark the preacher's imagination by taking new angles on old texts, by interrogating the texts with honest queries as to the meaning of a given passage, and by supplying illustration ideas from movies, novels, television, poetry, and more Isaiah was the 8th-century BC Israelite prophet after whom the Book of Isaiah is named.. Within the text of the Book of Isaiah, Isaiah himself is referred to as the prophet, but the exact relationship between the Book of Isaiah and the actual prophet Isaiah is complicated. The traditional view is that all 66 chapters of the book of Isaiah were written by one man, Isaiah, possibly in two.

Tuesday of Holy Week. In Isaiah, the parable of the vineyard focuses on the grapes—the Israelite people God planted to do good works of kindness and compassion, but who instead only did things out of selfishness and hatred. Read Isaiah 5:1-7. Compare this with Jesus' parable of the tenants in Matthew 21:33-46 Author: Isaiah 1:1 identifies the author of the book of Isaiah as the Prophet Isaiah. Date of Writing: The book of Isaiah was written between 739 and 681 B.C. Purpose of Writing: The Prophet Isaiah was primarily called to prophesy to the Kingdom of Judah. Judah was going through times of revival and times of rebellion. Judah was threatened with destruction by Assyria and Egypt, but was spared.

Isaiah 9:6-7 The Government and Names of Yahweh. Each name reveals the glorious way the Lord rules His kingdom. Isaiah 11:1-5 Spirit Dependent Living. Isaiah 11:1-5 shares the three keys needed in drawing close to God. Seven special 'Spirit' qualities are shared with practical insights. (Study Questions included) Isaiah 11:6-16 Christ's Rul The Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany, Year A: Matthew 5:13-20; Isaiah 58:1-12. I'm going to ask you to do a couple of things and I hope you will indulge me for a bit. I want you to think of one thing that is going on in the world today that is important and matters to you. Something that you keep up with in the news, that you have opinions and. Centuries before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah told of a time when a special child would be born. Isaiah said the government will be on His shoulders (Isaiah 9:6). Micah prophesied about Bethlehem and said, One will come from you to be ruler over Israel for Me (Micah 5:2). Other prophecies also announced the Read More Temple: Though Isaiah may have been at the earthly temple, this describes a vision which transcends the earthly. The throne of God is in the heavenly temple (Rev. 4:1-6; 5:1-7; 11:19; 15:5-8). Many Bible students believe this happened at the very beginning of the book of Isaiah. I tend to believe the book is in the order it should be

Scripture: Isaiah 5:1-7 Text: Available Here Rehoboth Congregational Church, Rehoboth MA. September 28, 2014 A Pastor Walks Into A Bar Scripture: Philippians 2:1-13 Text: Available Here Rehoboth Congregational Church, Rehoboth MA. September 21, 2014 Grace Found In Unequal Portions Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16 Text: Available Her The life of each child of God is a type of a vineyard that the Lord works in. Isaiah 11:1. And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, &c.] By which is meant, not Hezekiah, as R. Moses F15 the priest, and others, since he was now born, and must be at least ten or twelve years of age; but the Messiah, as both the text and context show, and as is owned by many Jewish writers F16, ancient and modern: and he is called a rod, either because of his. Isaiah 2:5. 1 December 2019 - Expecting Jesus Christ 27 November 2016 - Last Days of Evil 29 July 2012 - They Will Hammer Their Swords into Plowshares 4 July 1993 - I AM AN AMERICAN! I SHALL LOVE THIS NATION IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. Isaiah 2:6-11. 29 July 2012 - They Will Hammer Their Swords into Plowshares. Isaiah 5:1-7 A Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod(WELS) congregation and school in Alma, MI. We offer Lutheran sermons, Bible classes, parents helps, biblical counseling, life helps, services, Lutheran guidance, spiritual growth, Christian support, a family atmosphere. We're big enough to serve you and small enough to know you

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Isaiah 5:18. Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope: Isaiah 5:19. That say, Let him make speed, and hasten his work, that we may see it: and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw nigh and come, that we may know it! Isaiah 5:20 Isaiah Complete Amplified Outline I. Introduction (1:1) II. The message of condemnation: the Holy One of Israel provoked, rebuking and judging (1:2 — 35:10

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The vineyard, of course, represents God's people. Previously we saw the vineyard in Isaiah's song of the vineyard yielding only bad fruit (5:1-7). Israel and Judah are still in rebellion in 27:4-5. Defeated they go into exile, yet the Lord protects them and will bring them back. In days to come Jacob will take root, Israel will bud and blosso Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; Isaiah 25:6-9 [same as All Saints' Day] April 11, 2021—John 20:19-31—Receive the Holy Spirit Second Sunday of Easte Complete Concise Chapter Contents. God's care over his people. (1-5) A promise of their recall to Divine favour. (6-13) Commentary on Isaiah 27:1-5 (Read Isaiah 27:1-5). The Lord Jesus with his strong sword, the virtue of his death, and the preaching of his gospel, does and will destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil, that old serpent D. Isaiah's call declaring the holiness of God, sinfulness of His people and commission to preach a message of hardening (6:1‑12) followed by a promise of a remnant (6:13). Chapter 6 is the consummation of this unit. It shows that Judah, because of her obduracy, will be judged by God through the preaching of Isaiah

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Isaiah 5 - Let me sing now for my beloved A song of my beloved about His vineyard. My beloved had a vineyard on *a fertile hill Bible Study Notes by Pastor Matt Postiff. These are Pastor Postiff's sermon notes for over 800 sermons and Bible lessons since 2000. Click the link below to find notes on the particular Bible book in which you are interested The following outlines are designed to aid study and communication of the message of Galatians. Galatians in outline: Two interpretive alternatives. The first outline highlights the element of contrast which runs throughout Galatians. Paul contrasts key concepts of the gospel with prominent concepts in the arguments of the false teachers

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Coffman Commentaries on the Bible (The beginning of Section B of Division VI (Isaiah 49-57))There is a dramatic switch in this chapter to the development of the most wonderful prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the appearance in our world of the Dayspring from on High, the holy Messiah, the True Israel of God, namely, The Lord Jesus Christ, who in spite of every hindrance, even the. 1. The setting for Isaiah's prophetic ministry a) Isaiah 1:1-2a What important information can we learn about Isaiah from the opening verse of his book? i) He was a real person, rather than a fictional character (son of Amoz). ii) He had the prophetic gift. (see also Isaiah 6:1, Isaiah 46:9-10, Amos 3:7, Acts 21:8-11

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Isaiah. Looking toward the captivities ( 1:1-39:8) Jehovah's case against Judah ( 1:1-24) Mingled warning and promise ( 1:25-31) The promise for the last days ( 2:1-5) Chastisement before blessing ( 2:6-3:26) The vision of the future kingdom ( 4:1-6) Parable of Jehovah's vineyard ( 5:1-7) The six woes upon Israel ( 5:8-30 AN OUTLINE OF THE BOOK OF ISAIAH. 1:1-1:20 • The Wickedness of Judah 1:21-1:31 • The Degenerate City 2:1-2:4 • The Future House of God 2:5-4:1 • Judgment pronounced on arrogance 4:2-4:6 • The Future Glory of the Survivors of Zion 5:1-5:7 • The Song of the Unfaithful Vineyard. Isa 5:25 -. Therefore the anger of the L ORD was kindled against his people, and he stretched out his hand against them and struck them, and the mountains quaked; and their corpses were as refuse. in the midst of the streets. For all this his anger has not turned away, and his hand is stretched out still. Tools

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(Isaiah 5:1-7) Clearly, judgment for sin is deserved and will be executed. For the Christian, this is a good reminder of why we need the Messiah, the Savior, who became sin for us and took our. Fulfilling the Prophet Isaiah — Matthew 8: 5-17 (16-17) His Disciples Followed Him — Matthew 8: 18-27. The City That Rejected Jesus — Matthew 8: 28-24 v. 34. Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee — Matthew 9: 1-9. Two Questions and Two Answers — Matthew 9: 10-17. Jesus Among His People — Matthew 9: 19-38. The Twelve Are Sent forth — Matthew.

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Matthew and Mark use Isaiah in a supportive way, that is to support the life, teachings, and work of Christ by prophetic referent. John and Luke, on the other hand, use Isaiah as a theological base, Luke to show the work of Christ, and John to show the person of Christ. The most obvious use of Isaiah is made by Matthew Isaiah 58 script Chapter 65 Isaiah 65 ppt Isaiah 65 xcript . Jeremiah: Lamentations. Ezekiel. Daniel. Hosea. Joel. Amos. Obadiah. Jonah. Micah. Nahum . Habakkuk Chapter 1-2 Habbakkuk 1-2 ppt Habbakkuk 1-2 script . Zephaniah . Haggai Chapter 1-2 Haggai 1-2 ppt Haggai 1-2 script . Zechariah Chapter 8-9 Zechariah 8-9 pp Winsted United Methodist Church. 630 Main St., Winsted, CT 06098-1515 USA Tel: 860-379-6386. Rev. Adeline Hazzard, Pastor Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors For Lections search, a drop down menu will show all the available scripture citations as soon as you start to type. For Texts search, type in any keywords that come to mind, and the search engine will return results ranked by relevancy Scripture: Mark 16:15; Isaiah 61:1; 1 Timothy 2:5 Author: Illustration Exchange. Visit the source. Despite owning a home perched atop a high cliff with a scenic ocean view in Sydney, Australia, Don and Moya Ritchie live on a plot of real estate that can best be described as something out of a bad dream

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Isaiah 9:1-7, Part 3. Dec 14, 2019. Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-7. John Piper Dec 14, 2019. Look at the Book. God's Zeal to Enthrone His Son on Earth Isaiah 9:1-7, Part 4. Dec 17, 2019. Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-7. John Piper Dec 17, 2019. Article. The Most Unlikely King Why Christmas Is a Revolution. Dec 24, 2019 SermonSearch.com is an online resource for sermon outlines and preaching ideas. We offer 30,000+ outlines and 10,000+ free sermon illustrations from top Christian pastors and communicators. You'll write powerful and fresh messages every week with our preparation tools on a number of sermon topics, including expository preaching Isaiah 5:1-7 The Song of the Vineyard Isaiah 5:8-13 The Consequences of Injustice Isaiah 6:1-13 Isaiah's Call Isaiah 7:10-17 The Sign of Immanuel Isaiah 9:2-7 Unto Us a Child Is Born Isaiah 10:20-23 A Remnant Will Return Isaiah 11:1-9 The Peaceable Kingdom Isaiah 12:1-6 The Lord Has Become My Salvatio The Gospel According to Isaiah: Isaiah 53- Isaiah spoke about the gospel long before the birth of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Romans 1:1-7 - The gospel of Jesus Christ is His death, burial and resurrection according to the scriptures. This is often viewed as just the starting point for the Christian life

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Sunday School Activities about Isaiah What are Children's Worship Bulletins?. Our Children's Worship Bulletins include biblically based, theologically sound Sunday school activities about Isaiah and thousands of other topics for kids ages 3-6 and 7-12. Codes, mazes, pictures or other puzzles make learning about Scripture passages from the Old Testament, the Gospels or the Epistles interactive. News Items. Meetings and Travels. I will be preaching at New Prospect Baptist Church in Horton, AL, July 23-27, 2018.The Pastor is Kenneth Shelton. The church is located at: 1393 County Highway 38 Horton, AL The imagery used is similar to Isaiah's parable of the vineyard (it would be prudent to study this also) found in Isaiah chapter 5. The watchtower and the wall mentioned in verse 33 are means of protecting the vineyard and the ripened grapes. The winepress is obviously for stamping out the juice of the grapes to make the wine

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6. 2003) Dr. Gileadi's translation [of the Book of Isaiah] is clear and smooth, allowing the reader to appreciate the power and beauty of Isaiah as conveyed in the Hebrew original—Professor Herbert M. Wolf, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Dr. Gileadi has produced a translation of the Book of Isaiah which is modern in its. Isaiah, the son of Amoz, ministered in and around Jerusalem as a prophet to Judah during the reigns of 4 kings of Judah: Uzziah (called Azariah in 2 Kings), Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah (1:1), from ca. 739-686 B.C Isaiah: Prophet, Seer, and Poet (1982), pp.19-25 Almost one-fifth of Isaiah's chapters and prophecies are directed specifically to foreign nations. (Isa. 13-23, 46-47.) Major sections of other chapters are also set in the historical and sociopolitical context of his age. (Isa. 1-10, 28-39.) In order to understand Isaiah's message t The vision of Isaiah indicated the resistance this program would encounter but concluded with the certainty of its performance. With this theological perspective Isaiah inveighed against the errant nation of Judah (Isaiah 1:2-9; Isaiah 2:6-22; Isaiah 3:1-4:1) even using the guise of a love song (Isaiah 5:1-7). He pronounced six woes on.

The Book of Isaiah (Hebrew: ספר ישעיהו ‎, [ˈsɛ.fɛr jə.ʃaʕ.ˈjaː.hu]) is the first of the Latter Prophets in the Hebrew Bible and the first of the Major Prophets in the Christian Old Testament. It is identified by a superscription as the words of the 8th-century BCE prophet Isaiah ben Amoz, but there is extensive evidence that much of it was composed during the Babylonian. Find curated thematic outlines, media, and illustrations around the Church calendar and season. Browse resources for the upcoming lectionary, seasonal events, and sermon categories. Featured contributors. See how other churches are using Sermons. Overflow Ministries. 44 sermons The 8 th century BC prophet Isaiah, son of Amoz, is named as the inspired writer of the Book of Isaiah ().His name, Yeshaiah in Hebrew, means Yahweh is salvation, and his name aptly summarizes the content of his writings. Isaiah is often referred to as the prince of prophets by commentators and Biblical scholars because of the powerful way he presents the themes of justice and redemption. First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Missouri. Home; About; Church Life; Resources; Events; What to Expect; Directory; Weekly Schedul OT Lesson Isaiah 5:1-7 Lesson or Epistle I John 3:19-24 Gospel John 7:37-39 May 9 Fifth Sunday after Easter OT Lesson Isaiah 54:7-10 Lesson or Epistle James 5:16-20 Gospel Matthew 6:5-13 May 16 Sixth Sunday after Easter OT Lesson Isaiah 64:1-4 Lesson or Epistle I Peter 3:15-17.