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But I'll offer a service - I will convert knitting charts into written patterns starting as low as $5 Just shoot me an email: patternduchess (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm getting back to my charts now - see you tomorrow on History post. (Visited 4,375 times, 1 visits today To show the written instructions of a chart, go to the File menu and click Written instructions. What to expect. When you convert a chart into written instructions, you first enter the name (or abbreviation) of each stitch or color used in your pattern. For each row/round, it gives you the written instructions About This Gig. I'm a knitting designer with more than 10 years of experience. I will convert knitting chart into written instructions for you. I will: write a written instructions for a knitting chart with max of 10 rows / rounds; form a PDF or Word document (depending on what you wish); enclose an abbreviations list; offer best customer service Free online software for designing and charting knitting patterns. Create your own knitting or cross stitch charts easily and see measurements and repeats to help you design faster, or modify existing charts to customise it exactly. Download your finished design to use in your pattern, or print off to work from on paper. You can preview your pattern in squares or see what it will look like in. Create a Chart from Written Instructions. Example Shown: Row 1: [k2, p2] 5 times, k1. Row 2: [p2, k2] 5 times, p1. Rows 3-20: Repeat rows 1-2. EnvisioKnit has a special tool for generating charts from knitting stitch instructions. This tool is very useful if you have an existing pattern in written form that you would like to bring into.

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Look over the charted pattern's legend to familiarize yourself with the stitches used and their corresponding symbols in the chart. If you are not well-versed in written abbreviations for common stitches, they include k1 for knit one, p1 for purl one, sl 1 for slip one, m1 for make one, yo for yarn over and k2tog for knit two together Move, rotate and flip selected parts of your chart. Easily create repeated pattern from a selection. Color picker for your stitches. Add instructions for your chart and the colors and symbols that you use in your design. Export chart as a JPEG image or a PDF file. Import image files and convert them to a chart design. Insert text into your chart The first time I saw a chart, it boggled my mind! I spent an entire day translating it into what I was used to. Then it took an entire day to knit the project. That gives you an idea of how long it takes to translate from chart to written form! One thing that helps me is to use sticky notes to underline where I am in a chart

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All you need is a chart. Knitwit has an online free app that will turn any image into a chart for you. If you dread intarsia as much as I do you should stay away and never click this link. But you will. Intarsia is inevitable. Maybe you have a Batman fan that needs a Batman knit. Maybe you have an Ant Man fan who needs an Ant Man crochet. Now. The in-app purchase for only $3.99 allows you to create multiple charts, make an image of your chart to send to a friend, print, and even upload via dropbox or other file sharing programs! You can even convert your chart to a written pattern! You can make edits to the written pattern, a import them back into Knitting Chart Maker or a friend. Knitting Chart Features: Needle conversions (UK/mm to US) Yarn conversions (UK to US). This includes a row titled mm which shows the recommended needle size in millimeters. Yarn weight (grams to ounces) Pattern abbreviations. This includes a list of commonly seen abbreviations, listed in alphabetical order Convert your own picture into a chart. Click to choose picture or drag and drop file here. Save chart. Stitch Fiddle Design your own patterns with Stitch Fiddle . My profile Help Center About Stitch Fiddle Legal information

To make your own chart-chart, you have to look at the original chart (or written instructions) to see what elements of the work are repeated, and how the work is constructed. In Grandmother's Lace Edging, the creation of the lace itself is made up of 3 repeated lace rows: rows 3, 5 and 7 Knit Design Studio. Knit design studio is a free knitting software for Windows. It lets you draw knitting patterns digitally using various symbols and cables on a graph of desired grid size. Along with the design, you can also add written instructions. After designing a knitting pattern, it also lets you Save, Print, and Export it

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Master the Conversion Formula, and with an accurate tension swatch in the yarn you wish to use you can knit any pattern. When determining the gauge of your swatch, use the same factor as the written pattern, i.e. stitches/rows to 1″, stitches/rows to 4″, stitches/rows per cm, or stitches/rows to 10 cm Earlier this year, I posted a printable that has since become my most popular download-the Knitting Conversion Chart. It's been a big hit, but I actually received several emails in email and some social media forums asking me to make one for knitting. Here's the thing: I knit. I don't know a single thing about crochet EnvisioKnit generates written knitting instructions for your charted pattern automatically. The software can find stitch repeats within rows and row repeats within the pattern to simplify your instructions. They will look like they were written by a designer, not a computer program. EnvisioKnit lays out your pattern automatically Most knitting instructions are easy to convert. You only need to know a few basic stitch conversions to change your favorite knitting pattern into your favorite crochet pattern. Use a crochet hook to make a gauged sample. Change the size of hook until you reach the needed gauge to complete the project

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A knitting chart is a graphic representation of a stitch pattern or knitted fabric. Charts are often provided in patterns as a more intuitive and shorthand way of showing how to work particular stitch patterns that would otherwise require too much space or time to write and read if provided as text instructions only knitting. As for charts, you can combine them together seamlessly and knit from a single chart. Examples: The written sleeve instructions start on column one and finish on column two. The written back instructions appear on two pages. The chart for a shawl is broken up into three separate charts appearing on multiple pages About Knitting Chart Maker. Knitting Chart Maker is a handy way to quickly create knitting charts complete with descriptions and notes. You can even convert a chart you've made into a written knitting pattern. Charts can be saved, edited, and you can easily email the chart as an image file that anyone can view and use If you choose knitting, you get a rectangular shape. This program gives a possibility to convert squares into rectangles that resemble the shape of a stitch. These programs are handy tools in knitted mittens and sweaters designing.This is not a complete description of the options of different programs

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Each square is a stitch ::: start with the key. In a chart, each square represents a knitting stitch, similar to the way that each abbreviation in text instructions does (for example k2tog or p1). The first thing you should check when you start knitting from a chart is the key or legend, and chart notes if they are included Just a few of the knitting stitches you'll find in our Knit Stitch Dictionary. Traditionally, knitting stitches in a stitch dictionary are presented for knitting flat (back and forth in rows). If you want to use one of the stitches for something knitted in the round (a sock, say, or a hat), then you have to do a little bit of conversion magic with knitting stitch patterns Chart reading in the round. If you are knitting a pattern in the round, you will read the chart from right to left on every round. For instance, on the lace chart below, you'll notice that all of the rounds are marked with numbers on the right-hand side. That usually indicates that you will begin each round on the right-handed side 2. Image-to-Grid Online Knitting Pattern Generator. The second way to make a knitting pattern from a logo, photo, or other image is a quick-and-easy free online knitPro tool from MicroRevolt: knitPro is a web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns

Price: $5.99 (free Lite version) 2. StashBot. StashBot is the ultimate set of knitting tools for your phone. This app works like a kind of knitting calculator. Just put in the type of project you're working on, the size, and the gauge, and it will calculate the amount of yarn you should need to complete the project The interactive knitting calculators below use the measurements off a gauge swatch. A gauge swatch is a small (usually a 6″ x 6″) square knit in the stitch you plan to use for your project. Start by knitting a small square in the yarn for your project . If you are planning an ewrap scarf make sure you use ewrap for your swatch Here's how I go about converting a knit pattern to crochet for clothing: Using the knit gauge for the pattern you've chosen (sts per inch and rows per inch - should be stated in the pattern), convert the numbers to inches or centimetres. You should then be able to come up with a rough sketch (if none is provided) of the size and shape of the. If your knitting pattern is written in rows, but you're more comfortable working on circular needles, don't panic! You can turn patterns with rows into patterns with rounds in a few simple steps with this helpful tutorial for converting flat knitting patterns to patterns in the round that Emma Welford shared on the WEBS Yarn Store blog When you knit in-the-round, every row is a right side row. When you convert the pattern to a flat knitting pattern, you have to remember to create wrong side rows. This means that every even-numbered row needs to be knit opposite of the written pattern

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Converting knitting patterns written for circular needles to flat knitting is a straightforward task. Divide in half the total number of stitches the pattern says to cast on the circular knitting needles. The result is the number of stitches to cast on your straight knitting needle. You may need to add two or three more stitches on each end of. Create Patterns from charts. You can export charts as PDFs including key, stitch definitions and even written instructions. Using a vector graphics program of your choice you can scale charts to any size. The chart in this pattern was created using KnitCharts. It is currently only available in German but will be soon available in English Basic Conversions. Here are some of the most common stitch patterns you might want to convert into knitting in the round and how to do it: Seed stitch: Knit 1, purl 1 around on round one; purl 1, knit 1 around on round 2 (assuming an even number of stitches) Ribbing: Repeat the same round (knit 1, purl 1, knit 5, purl 2, etc.) on all rounds My basic beginner patterns include both the written instructions and the knitting chart. They can be accessed here on my website, as well as in my Knit Stitch Pattern Book available for purchase on Etsy.. Once you understand the overall structure of a knitting pattern, you'll find yourself eager to conquer even more complex patterns and textures, like cable knits Directions written this way are a clear indicator for back-and-forth knitting. When working a chart in the round, you are always working on the right side, so you work each row of the chart from right to left, and follow only the RS directions in the key. If a chart is intended to be worked in the round, it often shows row numbers only.

Most knitting patterns give cable instructions in chart form. These cable charts show the cable stitches, turning rows, and often some background stitches. Depending on how complicated the cable pattern is, the chart may show you one repeat of the cable or an entire piece. Although chart symbols aren't standardized, every pattern has a key [ Even though the United States and the United Kingdom share a common language, it can sometimes feel like you need a translator—and that's especially true when it comes to knitting and crochet terms. You may have looked at a knitting pattern and seen instructions that look familiar, but not exactly the same as what you're used to. Or worse, you started a crochet project and it just isn't.

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  2. es the size of the knitted/crocheted stitches. Needles and hooks usually include both US needle sizes and mm. However, sometimes patterns will only specify one or the other, that's where this needle conversion chart comes in handy
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  4. Translation of Knitting Terms From Various Languages to English. This is a collection of knitting terms from various languages. It is a work in process. Select an language to reveal the terms from that language in this collection. British

9. Chart. Often used on patterns with lace, cables or colourwork, charts are a great visual way to follow a pattern. They will either sit next to written instructions or be used instead of them. See our guide on how to read charts in knitting patterns. 10. Stockists. Many patterns you see will use yarn from a specific manufacturer HookinCrochet Crochet Symbols Font Software Crochet Symbols Font Software for creating your own crochet symbol charts and diagrams. The HookinCrochet ® Crochet Symbol Font Software is designed, so that as much as possible, the crochet symbols can be typed line by line and are all inline and in proportion with each other, making creating crochet symbols charts and diagrams an easy task Crochet Word Charts is a service that has been around for a while. Their portfolio is stunning, with many pre-made and ready-to-purchase graphs. 4. If you are looking to convert an actual photograph into a crochet by number, Crochet by Numbers is for you! Prices range depending on the size etc, but from what I've seen the price is well worth. Converting Patterns Between Knit and Crochet from Planet ShoupThis is another helpful online resource, with both general instructions and tips for those looking to replicate knitting patterns in crochet. This site also makes a special point to emphasize that the finished product isn't an exact match, but something similar Word or Number Charts. Seen on the right is called a Word Chart. Some companies call this a number chart as well. I prefer this concept to overprint off a graph. How this concept works is that you will follow the rows, step by step. The colours are assigned for you and the stitches are all the same. The pattern is shown in the bow tie scarf

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Seamless or In The Round. Flat - with a free pattern. Scribble Lace or Scribble Knitting. Knitted Broomstick Lace - no crochet hook required! Shadow or Illusion Knitting - with free hot pad pattern. Knit a Triangle Shawl - several methods to knit a shawl from the bottom up - video showing each. How to Convert Stitch Patterns for Knitting in the. The key to brioche stitch knitting is the slipped stitch-yarnover unit. On the first row, the yarn is brought forward to the front of the work and the first stitch on the left needle is slipped to the right needle. When the next stitch is knitted, the yarn crosses the needles forming a yarnover. The maneuver is written as (sl 1 yo)

Crocheting and knitting are similar but different enough that the same patterns will not work for both. If you've found a crochet pattern your like and would rather knit it, watch this video to learn how to convert your pattern into the kind your want Mar 4, 2014 - Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more lots more Although we knit at different tensions, the proportions of the graph should be much the same for everyone. So you have a graph for cross stitch (or any image really) that you want to knit. You might even want to just draw your own image onto a graph to knit. You need to transfer you image, or just draw it onto the knitting graph

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Convert your photo into a cross stitch pattern. Try It Free. It's easy and free to convert any photo, sketch, drawing, or other image into a cross stitch pattern. Photo cross stitches make fun projects, impressive gifts, and unique keepsakes. Make cross stitches based on children's drawings, vacation photos, famous works of art, and more Written Instructions. Cast on a multiple of 14 and add two at the end. Row 2 (rs): K, kfb, *k4, S1 K1 psso, k2tog, k4, kfb twice. Rep from * to last two sts. Kfb then k last st. Repeat: Rep rows 1 and 2 until your project measures the length you want Soak your knit for 10-20 minutes. Then gently squeeze out the water, roll in a towel, then stomp on the towel to get most of the water out. Lay it out flat, pat it into shape, then allow to dry, OR. Alternatively, insert a plate or other rigid round disc into the hat to flatten out the crown decreases, then leave to dry Various column charts are available, but to insert a standard bar chart, click the Clustered Chart option. This chart is the first icon listed under the 2-D Column section. Excel will automatically take the data from your data set to create the chart on the same worksheet, using your column labels to set axis and chart titles Row 1: With size H hook, ch 15, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn. (14 sc) Now, written in standard English, row 1 looks like this: Row 1: Using a size H crochet hook, make 15 chain stitches, single crochet in the second chain stitch from the hook and in each chain stitch across, turn

Yes, it takes a little more thinking and understanding of knitting to be able to knit left handed, but I think that has made me a better knitter. I have to understand the why of knitting to be able to execute the pattern correctly. Luckily for you, you have this website and I will show you and walk you through what you need to know CO means cast on and is the foundation for your project.This is the number of stitches you will need to complete the project. K means to knit the most basic stitch. Patterns for beginners may be all knit, also known as garter stitch. P means purl, the second-most-common stitch and essentially the opposite of knitting.Many basic patterns employ alternating rows of knitting and purling, also. Intwined Pattern Studio has a application that will go from chart to written or written to chart. You would have to duplicate the chart in the application and a written pattern is developed. Misti International has a copy of the pattern in both chart and written form for $6.00

Pattern Keeper works with, not all, but many chart designers. Heaven and Earth designs, Paine Free Crafts, Charting Creations, Artecy, and many others; Also many smaller designers that use Pattern Keeper compatible charting software works. See all supported designers. The support is improved with every update Hi all I have a sock pattern Bar-8 Cable Socks that I would really like to knit, but the instructions are only written out, not charted. I've tried this pattern twice, and frogged twice, and along the way learned what happens if you drop your cable needle on a cross-country flight. (Answer: no knitting happens unless you have a spare project. Knitters, be prepared!) Anyway, I have become a.

The knitting patterns are simple rectangles (squares) that use simple stiches, a regular knit stitch and optionally a perl stitch. The patterns can be used to create large blankets or many smaller patch-work squares suitable for making a large knitted piece With the 150 rows selected, click on in between 2 rows (see red arrow) and drag to decrease the size until you have a height of 9 (12 pixels.) You now have a grid of 104x150! You are ready to start designing your knitting chart. The finished grid. Continue this tutorial: Part 2 - Drawing your Chart

Increasing - Making a Simple Increase (knitting into the front and back of a stitch) Increasing Between a Stitch ('Make One') Increasing - The Yarn Over Increase. Decreasing. Decreasing - Slip, Slip, Knit (SSK/SSP) Decreasing - Knit/Purl Two Together (K2tog / P2tog) Slipping Stitches Purlwise and Knitwise. Making a cable All-purpose File Converter The most far-reaching file converter that covers all the most popular file formats. Easy file is the simplest tool out there. Just drag any file format to Easy file & select the desired outcome. It will keep the same quality of your original file, while converting. Download No Press the Generate chart button to let the tool generate the stitch chart for you which you can download for 10 Euro, 12 Dollar or 880 Japanese Yen. Patterns with less than 1000 stitches can be downloaded for free. Click here to see an example of a pattern which we produced. And of course a printer-friendly version

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Check your pattern gauge; there will be a needle size, along with a gauge that will make a square 4″ x 4″. This is the gauge you want to get with your yarn and needles. For the sake of this example, let's say you want to get 20 stitches to 4″. Take the recommended needle size for that yarn and make a swatch. No cutting corners either. How to Knit. Hold the needle with cast-on stitches in your left hand. Wrap the working yarn around your left index finger, and hold it in back of the left needle. Insert point of right needle from front to back into the first cast-on stitch on the left needle, opening up a stitch Click the Open With menu at the top and select Google Docs. To download the PDF as a Word document, click the File menu, select Download, click Microsoft Word, and then click Save. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can use it to export any PDF as a Word document. First, open the PDF file with Acrobat Stitch maps are a new kind of chart. Freed from the constraints of a grid, the symbols of a stitch map snuggle together like the stitches of knitted fabric. You get to see the stitches of each row, and how they connect to the stitches of the rows above and below. Learn more

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Flowchart Maker and Online Diagram Software. diagrams.net (formerly draw.io) is free online diagram software. You can use it as a flowchart maker, network diagram software, to create UML online, as an ER diagram tool, to design database schema, to build BPMN online, as a circuit diagram maker, and more. draw.io can import .vsdx, Gliffy™ and Lucidchart™ files Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting. The publishers, fiber, needle and hook manufacturers, and yarn members of the Craft Yarn Council have worked together to set up a series of guidelines and symbols to bring uniformity to yarn, needle and hook labeling, and to patterns, whether they appear in books, magazines, leaflets or on yarn. Location of the name (top, bottom, left, right, best fit) 1x University of Kansas Jayhawks (Chart/Graph AND Row-by-Row Written Instructions) $7.50. Subtotal $7.50. Purchase this product now and earn 8 Points! Add to cart. Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Platinum Membership, or log in if you are a member A simple chart in Excel can say more than a sheet full of numbers. As you'll see, creating charts is very easy. Create a Chart. To create a line chart, execute the following steps. 1. Select the range A1:D7. 2. On the Insert tab, in the Charts group, click the Line symbol. 3. Click Line with Markers

Document Translator is the fastest and easiest way to automatically translate your documents into 20 different languages. Whether you need to translate from English to Spanish, Portuguese to French, or dozens of other language combinations, Document Translator can help you do it all instantly while maintaining the original layout of the document Adapting a pattern for circular knitting works well if the pattern is symmetrical. Personally, I like doing this with stitch patterns that seem easy to convert. For example, a lot of cable patterns direct you to the knit the knits and purl the purls on the wrong side rows, which would be the same thing on the right side rows Combining Knit and Purl Stitches. In this example, I purled one stitch in the middle of a knit row. You can see the horizontal purl bump that sits under that loop on the needle. On the purl side of the work, this would appear as a v-shaped knit stitch. Any well-written knitting pattern should give you stitch counts for each row or round

Fortunately, most crochet instructions written today are suitable for both right- and left-handed crocheters. The majority of patterns that will need to be amended will be clothing, but occasionally you will need to reverse instructions for other crochet patterns as well. An example of an adjustment for a non-clothing item might read join yarn. You can purchase the ad-free printable PDF with written instructions HERE. Find the chart attached at the end of this document. ROWS 3 - 20: Work chart from row 00 - 16 (starting at 00, then 0, 1, 2, and so on). ROWS 21 - 22: Work Chart Row 1 and 2 but instead of doing (ch1, sk1) on squares of a different color, simply sc1 on that stitch Cut the yarn, leaving about a 6 inch tail. Stretch the loop on your hook until the end of the tail comes out. Thread that tail through your yarn needle. Skip the CSSC from beg of round, and insert the needle from back to front through the nxt sc of the round (the one after the CSSC). Pull the needle through Crochet Hook Sizes & A Handy Conversion Chart. There was such a good response to the knitting needle size conversion chart that it seemed like a crochet chart was in order too! While crochet hooks use letters instead of numbers to differentiate sizes in the US, they use good old (and arguably less confusing) millimeters elsewhere to tell sizes. Well, I am here to help you. I created a huge list of basic and most commonly used crochet terms that are translated into 9 different languages. Now, you will be able to understand British (U.K.) crochet terms as well as German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Dutch and back into American (U.S.) terms

Speech to text converter tool is used to convert any voice into plain text. Default language supported is English US. It also supports the languages installed in your Windows 10 OS. This tool is simple and clean. Instead of typing your email, story, class or conversation, you can just speak and this tool can convert it into text Each crochet conversion chart will give you a quick and easy guide to translating instructions in patterns. As well as choosing the right yarn and crochet hooks for your project. These simple charts will help you to work out the right crochet hook sizes, yarn weight and terminology. Making understanding crochet patterns easy Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters 1 gram (g) is equal to 0.03527396195 ounces (oz). 1 g = 0.03527396195 oz. The mass m in ounces (oz) is equal to the mass m in grams (g) divided by 28.34952 Design your own patterns for knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, or needlepoint. With the Cross Stitch Maker app for an iPad or iPhone, sketch your own designs and generate a cross-stitch pattern. Craft Design Online has an online tool to create designs for crafts such as cross-stitch, tapestry, beading, rug making, weaving and knitting

The waistcoat stitch is also known as the crochet knit stitch or center single crochet. This tutorial walks you through how to crochet it flat and in rounds. In late 2016, I discovered the Waistcoat Stitch aka the crochet Knit Stitch as many people call it because it looks like it was knitted but was actually crocheted This page is full of easy knitting instructions for beginners. This is where you'll learn how to knit all the basic knitting stitches and techniques so come on in and let's get you started. Each knitting lesson includes a carefully chosen knitting video to help you along as well. After all sometimes it's just nice to see how it's done

Thanks for installing. ConvertMyFile by OneLaunch! View, create, manage and convert PDF files with ease! Get Started. Click the PDF icon on your OneLaunch. bar to open your PDF app. Select Feature. Click on what you would like to do with your PDF files, from merging to converting and editing PDF files Free crochet patterns. Beginner Crochet Patterns, Crochet for Baby & Children, Crochet for Dolls, Crochet Food, Holiday Crochet Patterns, Crochet Afghans & Blankets Patterns, Purses & Tote Bags Patterns, Crochet Home Decor Patterns, Crocheted Slippers & Socks, Crocheted Clothing Patterns, Ponchos, Sweaters & Shawls, Hats Scarves & Gloves Crochet, Crochet Baskets, Crochet for Pets, Bead Crochet.

CrochetCharts 1.2 is free software helping you to create crochet charts of different difficulty. It is a new version of application originally developed by Brian Milco.On the request of the University of Hasselt he agreed to open-sourcing his application. With the support of Prof. Wim Lamotte and the feedback of Annelies and Arno Baes, Olivier de Schaetzen worked on it for a month in order to. The chart is worked 4 times around. Decreases shape the crown and a pom pom completes the look. Please Note: This is not a beginner pattern, but it is a great introduction to working from charts. Both the body of the hat and the crown decreases are worked from a chart. Specifications YAR Crochet Charts is created to give symbol crochet designers the freedom and flexibility to create whatever they can imagine. With the ability to output to multiple high quality file types it has. Here's a great way to organize all the patterns you have as well as the projects you are working on. Once you have created your binder, you can separate them with index tabs by craft: Knitt, Crochet, Quilt, whatever favorite crafts you have downloaded pdf patterns for. If you're like me, you are working on more than one project at a time Here are charts for the needle and hook sizes. The measurements ARE metric. I use this conversion app for my iPhone. You can also use this site to convert the measurements. Here is a great tutorial on reading crochet charts if you have not tried it before. Here is another excellent tutorial series on reading Japanese patterns

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Go to Top . Craft Yarn Council 3740 N. Josey Lane, Suite 126 Carrollton, TX 75007 Tel: 972-325-7232 Fax: 972-215-7333 E-mail us. If you experience problems, visit our Troubleshooting page The patterns include written instructions and a knitting chart. * Get Purple Way Hat and Shawl from Garnstudio. * Try Lang Yarns Baby Alpaca yarn for these knitting projects. Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote. Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote via Lionbrand.com. Don't want to commit to a really big knitting project. You don't have to For crochet or knitting material or braid them into other stuff like bracelet or whatever your crafty mind can come up with. Have fuuuunnn ^__^ Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Things You Need. You will need a plastic bag and a scissors.. You can use any size or kinds of plastic bag, with or without print Arrange the circular crochet hooks so that the cable is uncoiled and one hook is on each side. Pick up the left-hand hook and chain 20 stitches with the yarn. Insert the left-hand hook into the second chain stitch from the hook. Wrap the yarn around and over the hook, then pull it through the chain stitch to create a loop

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For instance, with WinZip Pro, you can combine PDFs into a single file, convert different file types into PDFs, compress PDF files, and much, much more. download now. Convert Files to PDF. Imagine this you've created an amazing resume in Microsoft Word. Or at least it was amazing until you looked at it on a different computer and realized. Our Stitch Finder topics provide detailed instructions and images of popular knitting and crochet stitches. 5 Tips for Using the StichFinder: A Starter Guide Crochet Topics Crochet Block: All in a Row Crochet Block: Cat's Head Crochet Block: Check Crochet Block: Circles and Bobbles Crochet Block: Concentric Circles Cr