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A simple retexture of the secret entrance and moon dials found in Castle Volkihar Garden. Now has optional ebony variant Castle Volkihar is a large fortress on an island far west of Solitude, north-northwest of Northwatch Keep.The dungeon areas of the castle, most of which contain enemies, include four interior zones: Volkihar Undercroft, Volkihar East Tower, Volkihar North Tower, and Volkihar Ruins including Valerica's Study, and two additional external zones: Volkihar Courtyard and Castle Volkihar Balcony. The Secret Cave is a dungeon location added byCastle Volkihar Redux. It's purpose is to serve as a secret exit from the castle and a home for Shesha the companion witch. 1 Location 2 Description 3 Characters 4 Features 5 Gallery This cave entrance is not enabled until theDragonborncompletes the quest Touching the Sky. The cave has two ways in and one way out. One entrance is located external. After going through her dialogue, Serana believes Valerica may have left a clue at Castle Volkihar, in the courtyard. You will not be able to enter through the Keep, but there is a secret entrance used by the previous owner to obtain shipments. Note that if you have a follower at this point, you must dismiss them

Plate or plater needed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Editionhttps://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA05333_0 Answers. If you have already discovered Castle Volkihar, then after speaking to Serana for the first time when she is released from the sarcophagus she will automatically initiate dialogue with you that normally occurs shortly after arriving at Castle Volkihar. This may prevent you from entering the castle and continuing the quest Castle Volkihar is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is a large castle that rests on a secluded island in the Sea of Ghosts. The castle serves as the primary base for the Volkihar Clan. If the Dragonborn joins the Volkihar Vampires, the castle can be used as a home. 1 Location 2 Volkihar Keep 2.1 Dining Hall 2.2 Feran's Laboratory 2.3 Bloodstone Chalice Room 2.4 Sleeping. Volkihar Ruins another deadend AAARRRGGGHHH! my map shows the balcony entrance but I can't figure out how to get to it either I looked at the map in the wiki and I have explored eveything except thr ruineed tower, The candle on the left side of the alcove will open a secret passage. #10 < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . Per page: 15 30 50

Go down the stairs underneath the moondial. Your task now is to explore Castle Volkihar's Ruined Tower. Serana mentions she has never been in these tunnels before, but she bets they run right under the courtyard and into the tower ruins. Climb up the stairs, and activate the pull chain to open a secret door Changelogs. Version 1.0. Initial Release. A retexture in 4K or optional 2K of the moondial and moondiscs found in Castle Volkihar courtyard. An ebony version is also available in optional downloads Location. Castle Volkihar is located in a previously inaccessible region in the far northwest corner of Skyrim, near the sea border with High Rock. The entrance can initially be accessed via Icewater Jetty, northwest of Northwatch Keep. The castle can also be reached by Ferrymen, or by swimming across the channel

Explore Castle Volkihar's Head outside the castle and around its perimeter to find a hidden back entrance protected by some search for a secret entrance by the hearth that can be opened. Chasing Echoes is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. 1 Background 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Castle Undercroft 2.2 Courtyard 2.3 Castle Volkihar Ruins 2.4 Valerica's Study 2.5 The Choice 3 Journal 4 Trivia 5 Bugs 6 Appearances Speak to Serana and ask her what's on her mind. She believes she knows where to start looking for one of the missing Elder Scrolls that Dexion mentioned. She believes her. Castle Volkihar The castle's main hall Castle Volkihar is the base of operations for the Volkihar Vampire Clan and the home of Lord Harkon. It is located on an island off the northern coast of Skyrim, west of Solitude and can only be reached by bridge or boat. The keep is centred around the main dining hall, with the chalice chamber, a sword and bow training area with smithy to one side, and.

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Anyone got a mod that lets me get into Castle Volkihar? SE. Title. I bugged the game so the gate won't open even with serana and can't enter now, so I need a mod like an alternative door for SE so I can get in. Ah I totally forgot console was an option. I'll remember that. I just had this problem 2 days ago In this episode we go to Castle Volkihar's Courtyard from Fort Dawnguard in search of Serana's Mother Valerica who is said to know the location of one of the..

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Page 1 of 4 - Castle Volkihar door won't open - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: I can't seem to get into the castle upon bringing Serana home for the first time...here's what is happening. I land on the island with Serana. She gives me her speech about shutting my trap and let her do the talking. We walk up the hill to the castle door Castle Volkihar is a large fortress on an island far west of Solitude, At the top is an entrance to Volkihar Undercroft, which prior to starting the related quest is the door that is locked. Volkihar Undercroft. during the quest Serana will wonder if we are at the top yet and whether there is a secret entrance in the room Where is the secret entrance to Castle Volkihar? Castle Volkihar can be infiltrated via an unused dock on the north-western side of the island. To get there, the player can either climb over the rocky terrain to the dock or swim round. The platform is guarded by several armored skeletons. After defeating the skeletons, proceed into the undercroft

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The secret entry is around the side of the castle. Fast travel to castle Volkihar. Cross the bridge towards the gate, but instead of making it all the way to the main gate, break left and jump over the ridge. Swim (or climb) around the side of the island to reach the northern part. Defeat the skeletons there and enter the Volkihar Undercroft Located in the northwestern most area of Skyrim, Castle Volkihar is the home of Lord Harkon and his Vampire Lords.You must use a boat to reach the secluded castle the first time you visit it. You. Instead of taking the portal back to Darkfall Cave, simply fast travel out of the area (you are outside at this point) and to Castle Volkihar. Once inside, enter the cathedral and speak to Harkon * Castle Volkihar Undercroft * Bard's College secret entrance. Follow the map marker and, once you enter Volkihar Undercroft, follow the path to the left, going down the small flights of.

Castle Volkihar is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. In this part we explore the castle Volkihar ruined tower and open a portal to the Soul Cairn in search of skyrim human heart castle volkihar Then find the secret entrance into Valerica's Study. The Elder Scrolls V cmp007 Member. So I found the moth priest did all that good stuff now I have to find the other scrolls. I get chasing echoes and says speak with Serana. When I speak to her she just tells me the same old stuff. So I went ahead and went back to where the undercroft is. Get to the door and you need a key Skyrim: 20 Hidden Quests Only Experts Found (And Where To Find Them) Even after all these years, there are still many quests left out there in Skyrim-- secret missions that only expert players know about. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of those games that changed the way that the world played. When it first released in 2011, many players. She believed Valerica may have left a clue at Castle Volkihar, in the courtyard. They travelled to the Castle's island and entered through a secret entrance used by the previous owner to obtain shipments. When they reached the castle's old docks they took care of the skeletons then headed inside Northfire Castle Volkihar v1; Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul v4.0.0; Removed These are mostly temporary while patches for these become available for Requiem 4.0. Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Roads; Black Mage Armor SE; Blackened Steel Armor and Weapon set; Common Clothes and Armor; Fossil Mining - With Legacy Support; Guards Armor.

Where to find Secret Passage Location: Step 1: Start by looking at the big picture in the downstairs entry hall (where some rats are).Press / to use your vampire senses when looking at the picture. This reveals two red symbols: A moon and a sword. Step 2: Go to the dining hall (also downstairs).There's a long dining table, a fireplace and some pressure buttons on the walls Head outside and around to the alternate entrance on the left side of the castle. From here, the quest is straightforward until you reach the courtyard. Adding the pieces opens up a secret. Head outside Castle Volkihar and search around its perimeter to find a hidden back entrance, guarded by a couple of Skeletons. and then search for a secret entrance by the hearth that can be.

The home of the Volkihar vampire clan, the castle becomes available once players have installed the Dawnguard add-on. Initially inaccessible, you can gain access to this impressive keep by working. Take them out and head into Volkihar Castle. When inside go and talk to Harkon. He will be waiting for you in the main dining hall. He will tell you to order your moth priest to read the Elder Scroll With the moth Priest safely back at Castle Volkihar, the time has come to hear the prophecies contained within the Elder Scroll At several locations throughout the Main Hall, Volkihar Ruins, Volkihar Courtyard, the Undercroft, and the docks behind the castle will be rubble piles or debris columns you can use to clean up the area around them. You'll need a pickaxe to do so, but that's it. After that all you need is the patience to see things through CC's Castle Volkihar Remastered 4K 268 Better Volkihar Secret Entrance 4K 269 Iconic's Moon Crest Retexture 270 Upgraded Moondial 271 Soul Cairn HD 2K 272 Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture 2K 273 MISC STRUCTURES 274 SD's Farmhouse Fences 2K 275. Explore Castle Volkihar's Head outside the castle and around its perimeter to find a hidden back entrance protected by some search for a secret entrance by the hearth that can be opened.

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We could have just taken the boat at Icewater Jetty to the secret entrance, instead of stealing a boat from the bandits at Broken Oar Grotto. Unfortunately, however, Serana and I had been forced to rush to Castle Volkihar, time being of the essence in deciphering the prophecy and stopping Clan Volkihar's schemes; the point had been really. The presence of Movarth in ESO as well as the mention of the Volkihar Clan during Greymoor. Movarth is the patriarch of a Volkihar Clan sect in the area around Windhelm. His presence confirms that the Volkihar was alive and well as of 2E 582. Additionally, during Greymoor, Gwendis of Ravenwatch wonders why Volkihar isn't making a move against. The chamber ahead contains nothing of interest — it just provides an alternative route down to the ground level in the first chamber. Once in the bandit sanctuary , there'll be a locked door. Everything in this area will be reset after one or both of the quests related to its location have been completed. The chamber is filled with stacks of crates, barrels, sacks, and furniture. Nearby the. Vlindrel Hall Secret Entrance ===== by Hana / Hanaisse 06/25/16 v1.0 Description;-----I love Vlindrel Hall. I typically start there (thanks LAL) or if I don't I always make sure to buy it. But after a few times running all the way up those stairs to get home it starts to annoy me. So I made a secret short cut Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp 365 SSoB.esp 366 BuyableGoldenClaw.esp 367 Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp 368 Better Volkihar Secret Entrance 461 Iconic's Moon Crest Retexture 462 Upgraded Moondial 463 Soul Cairn HD 464 Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture Special Edition.

Map Top 20 List of locations Site News Feedback To top ↑ Interactive map The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Interactive map The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim will help to explore in detail every corner of the province of the Nords from dark and gloomy caves to the beautiful throne rooms, which are located in 9 holds As a result, with all eyes on the battle in front, nobody noticed the lone rowboat pulling in from the north an hour into the battle, quietly docking at the unused inlet, and it's two passengers entering Castle Volkihar's secret entrance In The Castle of Cagliostro, Fujiko enters the passage via a bookcase in the castle's library which leads to a fireplace in another room, which leads to an observation room behind the Count's office, equipped with a Portrait Painting Peephole.; The discovery of one leads to the solution to a murder in Detective Conan, which has at least two mysteries surrounding old houses and the secret. Chasing Echoes in Skyrim Dawnguard DLC. by Daniel Chubb July 9, 2012, 13:57 Daniel Chubb July 9, 2012, 13:5 Elysium is a visually focused list that is fully featured with hundreds of new additions and optional Creation Club support—extending the base setup with Enai Siaion's full suite of gameplay overhauls as well as various new quests and encounters. (8GB+ of VRAM Required.) - TitansBane/Elysiu

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She believes that her mother Valerica knows where one of the Elder Scrolls is, but you have to help find her. She tells you that her mother is hiding somewhere inside Castle Volkihar, but you have to dismiss any followers you have before she can lead you there. She will take you to a secret entrance into the castle through the old docks Explore Castle Volkihar's Ruined Tower. Locate Valerica's Journal. Serana will tell you there must be a secret entrance somewhere. Turn the candlestick near the fireplace to reveal the door (there is a royal vampire armor near the shelf to the right). Inside the laboratory you will need to search for a journal which is located in a. It used to be a Sundial, but after Serana's family moved in and being Vampires, Serana's Mother, Valerica hired someone to turn it to a Moondial. But she notice some of the crests are missing. After finding them and putting them back, it revealed a secret stairway entrance to the Castle Volkihar Ruins Serana's lips pursed. In order to find the last Elder Scroll, Ketar and I had to infiltrate Castle Volkihar without being detected, via a secret entrance around the back that leads in through the sewers. If that entrance is still vulnerable, we might be able to smuggle a small team inside who can open the portcullis if it's dropped

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  1. It also far surpasses Castle Volkihar, the vampire stronghold in Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion, in both scale and style. The result is a tough but hilarious fight in which the Stonethorn team and.
  2. They sneaked arround the castle's main entrance, and took a back entrance in the sewers. They made their way up to the courtyard, and found a secret entrance to a labratory, hidden deep in the castle. They found some sort of a closed portal, which turned out to be a portal to the Soul Cairn. the Lord of Volkihar castle was send to Coldharbour
  3. Haafinger - Castle Volkihar. An island far from the west of Solitude houses a dangerous castle. The home of the Volkihar vampire kinship. Even if one manages to trip across this secret entrance on the own, entry will be denied until one obtains the sequence of words Astrid the correct answer to the Black Door's question is Silence.
  4. Pickpocket the key from Farengar Secret-Fire (court wizard). Meet the members of the Dawnguard at Castle Volkihar. Defeat the vampires and death hounds. Enter Castle Volkihar Cathedral. Navigate to the entrance of the temple. Speak to Esbern and step onto the pressure plate
  5. utes later he reappeared at the entrance, without the priest. How are you so quick? Danny shrugged. Trading secret. Now, how exactly are we going to get to the yard? I know every hole of this castle, Serana smiled. There is another pier at the side of the castle

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Skyrim is the fifth Elder Scrolls installment. Be prepared for a vast RPG with tons of quests, an extensive skill system, and truly outstanding landscapes. To avoid unnecessary hours of wandering around northern Tamriel, this is a guide for platinum. Beginning of the Dawnguard main quests Castle Volkihar has been occupied by vampire's for centuries. Prior to Harkon taking over the castle, his brother Brunar was the head of the coven. Harkon raised an army and finally after a decade of fighting stormed the castle and locked his brother and his coven away in the family tombs These are the episodes of Skyrim: Tyranny of the Sun. Secret of Dimhollow - 6/22/20 - Within Whiterun, the Dragonborn is working like the common man, apparently having retired from adventuring. A few months had passed since the defeat of Alduin, and the Dragonborn had made Skyrim a better place, having eliminated trolls, bandit gangs, and everything in between. Abruptly, the Dragonborn is.

fantasy, mpreg, elves, only, fantasyau, skyrim, onlysorrygals roleplays - joinable factionsinfo here on all factions. -Bard's College -Blades -Greybeards -College of Winterhold -The Companions -The Coven of Namira -House Telvanni -Dark Brotherhood -Imperial Le The 2nd one was with Serana after doing so many quests she appears at the fort and tells you about the secret entrance into the vampire castle but everytime you talked to her to go and use the I'm ready lets go to the secret entrance she would say I don't just take anyone with me to the secret entrance lose the interloper and we will go The entrance is hidden in the Dragonborn Hall. There are also two special areas of the secret lair. One beyond the upperleft of the dias is dedicated to werewolves and contains the Werewolf Totem Display. The other, on the far right is dedicated to vampires who sided with the Volkihar Vampire Clan during the Dawnguard questline Secret passage. November 2, 2017 October 30, 2017 Wei. Gargoyle workshop. October 30 Popular postcards for today. Places. Broken Oar Grotto Castle Volkihar College of Winterhold Dead Men's Respite Dimhollow Crypt Eastmarch Falkreath Forsaken Cave Fort Dawnguard Frostmere Crypt Haafingar High Hrothgar Ivarstead Morthal Mzinchaleft News.

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Castle Volkihar functions as a player home for the Dragonborn once they complete the Dawnguard questline for the vampire side. Once Harkon has been killed, ownership of the Castle is handed over to the Dragonborn and they can effectively use it as a player home. Castle Volkihar has all the commodities a vampire lord would want in a player home A quest mod playing out on a remote abandoned Dwemer island/outpost with a secret, featuring a medium length quest for mid/high level player characters with an interest in exploring, new surroundings, and a good fight. near Castle Volkihar. Winterhold - Expanded Ruins This mod adds map markers and changes the Dayspring Canyon entrance. 33. Horror of Castle Xyr: west of the big room with the Volkihar Master Vampire (that fight took me over an hour to beat on Master difficulty lol). The cave is located between Volskygge and.

Gelebor told of a secret passage To get back to the caves entrance Back to the reach the two returned Out of those sunken caverns Traveling east to Fort Dawngaurd To prepare for the assault with Isran Harkon's machination will never end As long as the Volkihar are allowed to live Dozens race about to be fully armed The guild's armour Ysmir don I downloaded fifteen mods on my PS4 and was leaving the secret Thieves' Guild entrance when she disappeared. I already completed Dawnguard and also have Dragonborn and Hearthfire. can't get into castle. then on to Castle Volkihar. My the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim skyrim-dawnguard Guardians of the Dawn / Vampire Clan of the Volkihar castle are available after reaching level 10, at the entrance to any settlement, you can meet a member of the Guardians of the Dawn. They offer the character to join them. After entering the Guild, the player goes through a series of quests leading to the castle of Volkihar Wherein it is all of the other stuff repeated with a few collection goals of my own. I will make it a separate chapter so that you can freely copy and use the other ones if you so wish. This one will be my personal checklist. Below is a list of all (major) categories. Use the Find tool on the browser if you want to skip directly to a category.Collections -Stones of Barenziah locations. Skyrim: Die besten PC- und PS4-Mods im Jahr 2020 - Grafik, Quests, Gameplay, Immersion und mehr Marina Hänsel , 17. Complete with indoor waterfalls and weapon racks, the Dragon Lord Castle makes it truly worthy of being the player home of the Dovahkiin. 55 Best Skyrim Console Commands to Make The Game More Exciting

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  1. There's an unused inlet on the northern side of the island that was used by the previous owners to bring supplies into the castle. An old escape tunnel from the castle exits there. I think that's our way in. Dragonborn: Let's go to the castle's secret entrance. Serana: It's around the side of the castle
  2. The Mirror, Volume 2: In Ulfric's bedroom in Windhelm Castle. Warrior, Volume 1: In the Boss arena in the Driftshade Refuge. Warrior, Volume 2: In the Captain's quarters in Fort Kostov. Conjuration. Frostfall Part I, Volume 10: In the last room of the Word Wall in Sunderstone Gorge. Frostfall Part II, Volume 10: In Belyn Hlaalu's house in Windhelm
  3. d: Providing users with some of the best landscape, city and quest mods. Maintaining Lore-Friendliness, meaning mods that differ greatly from the vanilla feel of the game will not be listed
  4. He will give the player a scrapbook, which provides an image clue for each item. Enter a prison cell and lock the door. Against the west wall is a small wardrobe with two red and a green apple on top. The game features six worlds, each with three to five levels. Where is Dungeon Memorial Mob Vendor? Challenging is possible. There are three zones: Castle Dour, Castle Dour Dungeon, and Emperor's.
  5. From here, it was out of the Soul Cairn, and then out of Castle Volkihar, and back to Fort Dawnguard. Upon my arrival, I located the Moth Priest eager to see what was next on my to-do list. Unfortunately, the Priest was wearing a blindfold, and when asked told me that the reading of the first Scroll took it's toll on his vision, rendering him.

Castle Volkihar is a Location in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Castle Volkihar is the base of operations for the Volkihar Vampire Clan and the home of Lord Harkon. It is located on an island off the northern coast of Skyrim, west of Solitude and can only be reached by bridge or boat. Castle Volkihar Quests Lost to the Ages is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The quest details the investigation of a lost ancient Dwemer secret and the search for four pieces of solid Aetherium. It can be started by locating and reading a copy of the book The Aetherium Wars. Get the latest Mafia II cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches.

But anyway once that's finished Serana and I have to find a Moth Priest to read her elder scroll and go on a few other quests to get the (Blood) Elder scroll which requires infiltrating Castle Volkihar discreetly this time and gain access to the Soul Cairn which is a pretty sweet looking place and is apparently where souls go when trapped by. Dec 14, 2020. #1,460. yeah sanguine is of course all the good aspects of a good party. But, he also represents the greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, and evils of it. He represents the good chill bro and the guy who loves scat porn and literally all the pleasures that can be imagined in his many realms of revelry

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The Twilight of Meridia If you love unorthodox demon hunters, then you are definitely in the right place! We, the Teejiokno Noodlelords (Teej, Chris Diokno, Noodles and Bonelord), are proud to present you The Twilight of Meridia: a 0% magicka regeneration blood mage, capable of feeding on the magic cast by others, who specializes in hunting down rogue mages, undead, necromancers, vampires. 16 Accords of Madness, v. IX. College of Winterhold - Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum. Apocrypha - Can be found almost anywhere. Fort Frostmoth - Can be found on the bookshelf left of the boss chest. 2920, vol 03 - First Seed. College of Winterhold - Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum

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8 months after it was released on the Xbox360 as the first Skyrim DLC pack, Dawnguard finally sees a release on the Playstation 3. Boasting a substantial amount of additional content, Dawnguard revolves around an ancient prophecy that foretells the blotting out of the Sun. The player has the choice of joining the Volkihar (a powerful clan of Vampires attempting to fulfil the prophecy) or the. It was the [Volkihar Knight Armor], a modded armor Jon installed in his past life and found it in the armory of Castle Volkihar. It suited him like nothing else. The same design as the Volkihar vampires' dresses with extra material of metal on the arms and vital parts, the armor was a piece of art Volkihar Undercroft on a table in the room with the lever to lower the first bridge. Apocrypha in the Black Book: The Hidden Twilight Chapter V. Horror of Castle Xyr: Darklight Tower at the end on the hags table. Rannveig's Fast in Sild's area. Glenmoril Coven inside the northwest tent. The Burning Farmhouse in a hollow tree outside. A Bandit's. 1 post published by Izlain on February 19, 2014. This is part of my playthrough of the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. You can find earlier bits of this adventure on the Ongoing Series page.. When we left off, I had dealt with the Moth Priest bug, and was then sent on my way to find the other two Elder Scrolls needed to hear the rest of the prophecy

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  1. This is the chapter covering collections such as the Stone of Barenziah, skill books, collectibles for the Thieves Guild, etc. etc. Stones of Barenziah locations:1. []Halls of the dead in Whiterun.2. []Jarl's room in Whiterun.3. []Kodlaks room in Jorrvaskr.4. []Jarl's room in Solitude.5. []Proud Spire Manor, buyable house in Solitude.6. []Jarl's room in Riften.7
  2. Skyrim lost Serana during bloodline. As the title says i had serana making my way to the boat she was there behind me and then as i road off to the boat and travelled to the castle. shes gone. ive tried everything and she wont reappear. ive tried waiting 24 hours, fast travelling to capitals, i even went back to dimhollow and searched the entire place then i get a your folower tires of waiting.
  3. Can be found in Farengar Secret-Fire's laboratory in Dragonsreach. In Dawnguard the Dragonborn can obtain Finely Ground Bone Meal (a unique variant of bone meal), which is needed in order to enter the Soul Cairn. They can only be found during the Dawnguard questline in Valerica's old laboratory inside Castle Volkihar
  4. No, really, Louise was already thinking how to convince Serana to put curtains like that back in Castle Volkihar. The material wasn't expensive, in fact it looked like fairly cheap linen, but the fabrics were finely hand-embroidered with floral designs and adorned with colorful bows and ribbons
  5. Bike Refactoring. Read To Test Ride A Motorcycle Before Buying Uncategorized. castle of the living dea
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  1. ֎ A shaman is a religious leader of a small group of worshippers and is responsible for spiritual healing and protection, offering wisdom and interpreting tenants for their followers. A shaman relies on his mystical powers drawn from worship of nature. Powerful warriors, they rely on their power given to them by their object of devotion to fortify and protect themselves. Shamans are eternally.
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  1. Anyone got a mod that lets me get into Castle Volkihar? SE
  2. Skyrim: Dawnguard Ep 6 - To Castle Volkihar's Courtyard
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Matt Kohr - Concept Art - Secret chemical storage facility