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  1. PPDT stands for picture perception and description Test. In this test a picture is shown for 30 secs and the candidate has to observe the picture and then after that he or she has to write a story on the picture based on what the candidate perceiv..
  2. PPDT also known as Picture Perception and Discussion Test is one of the two tests conducted in stage one testing of SSB interview, another one is the officer intelligence rating test. Officer intelligence test consists of written test in verbal and non-verbal questions which is very easy and do not count much for screening, but PPDT plays an.
  3. PPDT and TAT are two different tests where candidates need to write a story based on the picture shown to them.PPDT pictures are sometimes hazy and it has only one picture, PPDT picture story need action and identification of number of characters, their mood and age. In case of TAT, which has around 11 picture including on blank picture, candidates are required to write the story only
  4. The SSB procedure is a well tested and renowned testing method and is conducted to its fullest without any lacks in between. During the screening procedure on the very first day of the SSB , all the appeares had to go through a number of tests lik..
  5. These pictures are picked up from original SSB centres like SSB Bhopal, SSB allahabad, Afsb Dehradun, Afsb mysore, Afsb Varanasi, etc. Procedure of PPDT test:- Picture perception and Discussion test better known as PPDT is a part of Day 1 Screening which is conducted immediately after the completion of OIR test

TAT pictures and important tips on how to write good tat & ppdt stories for women candidates in ssb or afsb interview to get recommended in psychology test 10 PPDT Pictures with Stories 112,030 views Sep 05, 2020 Bashu Tiwari SSB Interview 18 Comments Whenever we go for SSB on the first day before the screening, every candidate has to go through the PPDT test , which stands for Picture Perception and Discussion Test

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Set 5 - 11 practice images for TAT and PPDT at SSB. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) conducted at the Services Selection Board is one of the main tests that is conducted for selecting the officers of the armed forces of the country. In this test a person is shown a set of 12 slides, and is given 4 minutes to write a story on the same. 11 such. AFSB- the duration is of 6 days (5 +1 for CPSS) excluding medical. First day; SSB- the first day is screening, and the selected candidates are required to fill their PIQ forms, and they are done for the day., AFSB- the first day consists of screening, PIQ, PPDT, so all these are conducted on the very first day. Obstacles in GT PPDT Rules : 1. You are given 30 seconds to view picture. 2. With in next one minute, you have to fill a ractangular box and action of the story. Inside ractangular box, you need to fill age, sex and mood of the charaters you see in the picture. Under ACTION heading, you are supposed to write what is happening in story with in one line Tips for AFSB 2016 Interview PPDT, PPDT is short of picture perception and description test, candidates will be shown a random picture on which candidates have to write a story in a brief amount of time then each candidate have to take part in a group discussion with fellow candidate New Six Newest Tat Too Ppdt Pictures For Women Committee Candidates Inwards Afsb Through this article on TAT & PPDT preparation, I bring percentage latest in addition to master TAT/PPDT pictures on which yous tin do your storey writing

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SSB OIR - Reasoning : https://amzn.to/2HLXOdT151 Essays 2018 Edition : https://amzn.to/2m6qul7 https://amzn.to/2PanrJmBest Book Collection: https://.. Please Refresh Page - Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.Please Refresh the Pag It would help you guys in boosting your preparation for upcoming SSB and AFSB.join our telegram channel for query regarding SSB and AFSB @ssbsuccess359 AFSB Interview is important for every aspirant candidate who wishes to join in the IAF and become an AF officer. AFSB is the only body which takes interview for the recruitment of officers. Today in this blog we are going to share the detailed information related AFSB, AFSB Interview and 5 Day Process of Air Force SSB. After this test PPDT. It has PPDT stories collected from recommended candidates which is helpful for preparation. It also has detailed PPDT and TAT pictures and stories explanation related with OLQs. This book is ideal for SSB interview for stage -1 testing because it has everything you need for OIR test and PPDT

The PPDT test usually is divided into 3 sections which are: Story Writing. Narration. Group Discussion. During the Picture Perception Test of the AFSB Interview, candidates are shown a hazy picture which they have to perceive the picture within 30 seconds. After this, the candidates are directed to write a story based on the picture they. AFSB also is known as Air Force Selection Board Interview is a common interview process held for the candidates who have qualified the AFCAT Exam. In final ten days, you need to practice out all THE OIR Test and PPDT Test practice sheets at least 4 times a day AFSB Interview in AFCAT 2021 Selection Process. The Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) conducts a 4 to 5-day interview of the candidates for recruitment in the IAF. Only candidates who qualify in AFCAT 2021 are called to the interview centres available at the selected locations of the country. Candidates are informed about the date and location.

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OIR is an acronym for Officers' Intelligence Rating. It is the test of the level of intelligence and competence of a candidate. The OIR test basically is a test of verbal and non-verbal reasoning of a candidate. As previously discussed in the Officer Like Qualities, tests are designed to gauge the Reasoning Ability & Effective Intelligence of. This course is all in one package for ( AIR FORCE ) having - STAGE. AFCAT AFSB Interview: 5 Days Procedure. The AFCAT AFSB Interview is a five-day process. You can check the complete procedure of AFCAT ASB Interview listed below. Day 1: On the first day, you will have to report to the railway station of the city around 6.45-7 AM. Latecomers will not be allowed to participate This is all about the AFCAT AFSB Date and NCC Entry SSB date Announced Through Your Email. If you guys want to serve the nation and want to clear the Defence examination, join Major Kalshi Classes, Here we have experienced faculty for all the subjects. For more inquiries, you can call us at 9696220022 and 9696330033 or go to our official.

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  1. P icture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) is the second test in Screening series, This test comprises to two parts, first is Perception and second is Discussion.. Picture Perception. For the purpose of perception, you will show a Hazy (very blurred) Picture for 30 Seconds.This picture is intentionally made very Hazy (someone will find 4 people and some will find only 1 person in the.
  2. AFSB Interview Process Schedule Day 1 (Reporting and Screening): In the Air Force, the Reporting day is regarded as Day 1 of SSB and the testing starts on the same day. (PPDT) The candidates are shortlisted on the basis of these tests. Those candidates who are shortlisted stay for the rest of the tests
  3. PPDT ( for those who clear written test) For the candidates who cleared PPDT, allotment of AFSB center and date of interview is issued. Selection Procedure in FTS. Followed by the PPDT that is picture perception and discussion test candidates are selected based on their performance in AFCAT
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  5. We were then taken to the AFSB and after a little form filling, we were allotted chest numbers. They were 317 of us who reported. Then we were divided into groups and PPDT was conducted. The material by Defence Direct Education was quite helpful. We then had a group discussion and were sent off to lunch. After lunch, we assembled for results

AFSB basically is a 5 days selection procedure for the aspirants who have cleared the AFCAT online exam. There are four centers in our country where this AFSB interview takes place. Mostly the AFCAT entries and NDA and CDSE entries (who have given their preference as flying) go there for the interview. These centers are in Dehradun (1 AFSB. IntroductionThe psychological tests are administered on the second day of the five day testing schedule that takes place at the SSB. These tests are based on very scientific procedures of assessing the qualities of a candidate, at his/her subconscious level and the non-conscious state of mind.The primary aim of these tests is to assess the potentia.. There are many ways of earning Commission as an Officer in Indian Air Force, both for civilians (after 10+2, Graduation, Post Graduation), as well as for Serving Personnel. Whatever be the mode, AFSB/SSB is the step all have to clear, except for the Medical Corps. There is no limit on the number of attempts that can be made and the SSB Assessors encourage candidates to appear again for SSB 1 AFSB Dehradun through AFCAT AFCAT score was 225. For Psych test I would recommend you to go through SSBCrack, you will get a better idea of all the tests. Anirudh Pattathil. NDA 143 and TES 42. Recommended from AFSB Gandhinagar for NDA 143 and SSB Allahabad for TES 42

PPDT Stands for Picture Perception and Discussion Test.In this test, you will be shown a picture on screen (Vague and confusing) for 30 seconds, and later you have to think a story based on this image and write story in 3 minutes.Later you will be divided in group of 17-18 members where each member has to narrate his written story followed by group discussion among these 17-18 group members Amazon.in - Buy SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview (English) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Read SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview (English) book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. Free delivery on qualified orders Gopi Krishna Recommended From 2 AFSB Mysore. Posted on July 25, 2015. July 25, 2015. by Bharath Chandra. My reporting date was 7 th Jan 2013 6.45 @ Mysore. I started from Bangalore to Mysore at 11.55 PM,In the compartment where ever you see SSB Aspirants. The train dropped us by 4'o clock Query regrading PPDT exam assessment and selection procedure of screening in. Hello, I had recently faced Indian Air Force AFSB interview.On first day, in PPDT, I failed even though my story was based on child education and I had even spoken twice. But the main problem I am facing is how to tackle the clash of other companion voices in GD and. How to Narrate Story in PP&DT and PPDT Picture & Screening IN Techniques for SSB/AFSB/NSB. Share this & earn $10. SSB Interview Selection Published at : 24 Feb 2021 . Subscribe to SSB Interview Selection. 36339 views . 932 . 39 . SSB OIR - Reasoning : https://amzn.to/2HLXOd

3 AFSB or Air Force Selection Board is located in Sector 9 of Gandhinagar which is also the headquarter of South Western Air Command of Indian Air Force. No.3 Air Force Selection Board was inaugurated on October 8, 2012 (Air Force Day) by the then governor Kamla of Gujarat. With the opening of this board candidate from West India will not have to travel long distances for SSB Interview SSB OIR is a complete guide to stage 1 SSB. It contains all kinds of verbal and non verbal topics asked in SSB. These topics have easy explanations to introduce you with the variations. Further, the book has ample amount of practice sets with detailed explanation The Vision Defence Institute is the best SSb Coaching Center in Chennai.We focus on the personality of the candidates to crack the SSB interview.The ssb training for the candidates are planned on individual basis and right feedback is given by the experts.Vision Defence have various platforms/courses to get exposure and experience to develop personality of candidates and refine the character. SSB, AFSB, NSB. Current Status. Not Enrolled. Price. 2499 Get Started. Take this Course. SSB(Services Selection Board), AFSB(Air Force Selection Board), NSB(Naval Services Board) PPDT(Picture Perception and Discussion Test) 1 Topic Expand. Lesson Content 0% Complete 0/1 Steps PPDT(Picture Perception and Description Test). Online sessions of lecturette, GPE, GD , PPDT,Psych and Interview are conducted online . There are already many candidates with whom you can interact and can learn on daily basis. once you become part of family, you will be in contact forever. 3 AFSB GANDHINAGAR Recommended in her 2nd attempt from 3 AFSB GANDHINAGAR on 13th Nov 2020 for MET.

100+ SOLVED PPDT & TAT STORIES (SSB/AFSB/NSB) CONTENT OF BOOK. 1) Detailed introduction to PPDT & TAT 2)100+ solved PPDT & TAT stories 3) 100+ solved PPDT & TAT stories 4) Do's & Don'ts of PPDT 5) Do's & Don'ts of TAT 6) 10+ Include practice set for PPDT 7) 10+ Include practice set for TAT 8) TAT for Boys 9) TAT for Girl ONLINE TEST SERIES FOR SSB Interview, AFSB Interview, NSB Interview, NDA Exam, CDS Exam, AFACT Exam,INET Exam, NCC entry, TES entry, 10+2 Entry,JAG Entry,Indian Soldier(Technial/GD),Navy SSR,MR & AA, Airmen X & Y,TGC Entry, ACC Entry, Coast Guard Interview, CAP AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) is the most significant and crucial interview process, which you need to prepare for seriously. Recruiters check for Officer Like Qualities such as optimistic attitude, leadership, courage, team spirit, logical reasoning and many more AFCAT AFSB Interview: 5 Days Procedure. The AFCAT AFSB Interview is a five-day process. You can check the complete procedure of AFCAT ASB Interview listed below. Day 1: On the first day, you will have to report to the railway station of the city around 6.45-7 AM. Latecomers will not be allowed to participate

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SSB interview Preparation is a platform dedicated to the SSB aspirants where one can prepare and practice for SSB Interview completely. This app is meant for Interview of all three forces i.e. Army , Air Force, Navy of which the respective boards are SSB , AFSB , NSB. SSB Interview Practice App serves the following purposes Here we have compiled non verbal reasoning practice test exclusively for SSB aspirants. Total 50 non verbal questions are there in this current mock test. For each correct answer you will get one mark and there is no negative marking. In SSB interview, you will get 30 minutes for attempting Non verbal reasoning question paper

I was very much apprehensive for the psychology test as it was decisive phase of the AFSB. The psychology test began with Thematic Apperception Test in which we were supposed to write 12 stories back to back in the same way as we did in PPDT except the age, sex and mood of the characters AFCAT Selection Process 2021 - AFCAT Ground Duty & Non Technical Selection Procedure. The Indian Air Force recruits the candidates through the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT). The AFCAT is held twice a year, February and August. The Online Examination for the February session was held on 22nd February and 23rd February 2021 The AFSB Interview is further divided into many group tasks and Psychological tests. Stage 2 of the AFSB Interview witnesses activities such as the Psychological test. The candidates who successfully clear the Day 1 activities namely- OIR and PPDT tests appear for the psychological test which is conducted on Day 2 of the AFCAT AFSB interview AFSB Interview Selection Tips! Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) SSB interview organized for the candidates who manage to clear the Air Force Common Admission Test or the AFCAT written exam. The AFSB interview takes place to check the mental and physical ability of a candidate through various group tasks and psychological tasks Many Many Congratulations! to candidate Rewant Ahlawat who took SSB Interview Training at #TheCavalierAcademy and has been successfully recommended from 2 AFSB Mysore For Indian Air Force. He has been also recommended from 11 SSB Allahabad for Indian Army. Fewer problems, more solutions - keep working like this and nothing will be able to.

Download Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR Test) Practice Sets for SSB Interview eBook 2019 - 2020 for OIR Test for men and women candidates. OIR Test ebook consists of 20 sets 1000+ questions for OIR solved papers Download CPSS (PABT) Game conducted for Indian Airforce Pilot Selection. by Guruprasad Veerannavaru on January 01, 2018 in SSB. Download CPSS Games. Hello everyone,I'm Guruprasad.I had attended CPSS (Computerised Pilot Selection System) once and i can proudly say that i cleared it.But while i was preparing for the exam, I was searching for. I got recommended from 1 AFSB Dehradun in my first attempt. It is very aptly said that-Setting goals is the first step towards making the invisible visible. I am Tulika Kala from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. I got recommended from 1 AFSB Dehradun in my first attempt. I have the privilege to be the first in my family to join defence forces This time 155 Candidates were reported on the reporting day and the very next day we had OIR and PPDT test. 18 Psych Qualities To Develop A Great Personality My OIR went well and then I sat for PPDT, the picture shown to us was very hazy but I wrote a simple story with a little innovation which I narrated with full confidence Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests by SSBCrack from Flipkart.com. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery

PPDT (Picture Perception Description Test) This test is held on the very first day of the SSB Interview Process. Around 100-300 students are called for reporting and on the basis of this majority are screened out . The percentage of screened in are approximately 10%. 2 AFSB Mysore: (Karnataka) 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar: (Gujrat Top 50 lecturette topics for afsb or you can say SSB interview of afcat 2 2018 written exam qualified candidates. Preparing for these topics will also help in group discussion as these topics are latest current affairs issues and even can be asked in the personal interview in SS 1. OIR Test details,PPDT 2. Screening Test, 3. Psychology Test: WAT, TAT, SRT, SD 4. Personal Interview 5. GTO Tasks: PGT, GPE, GD, HGT 6. Lecture 7. Command Task 8. Snake Race 9. FGT 10. Conference 11. Medical Exams 12. Various Certificates and Application Forms 13. Things to carry at SSB 14. and more.. Focused Exams: • AFSB Interview.

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  2. Maine apne B.tech Automobile engineering, 3rd year me AFCAT ka exam diya tha aur mera pehla SSB call 4 AFSB Varanasi se aaya tha AFCAT ka exam clear krne ke baad.I was much excited but after one month mera ssb interview tha maine google , books pe interview experiences padna shuru kar diye. then the day has arrived jiska mujhe intezaar tha maine apna bag pack kiya aur station ki taraf chal.
  3. Air Headquarters (Vayu Bhawan) Motilal Nehru Marg New Delhi- 110106. Telephone: 011 - 23013690 011- 23010231 Ext.7080. Fax-011-23017918. E-Mail:- career_iaf@bol.net.in. AFCAT CELL Post Bag No- 5,RK-Puram(Main), P.O. New Delhi- 110066,. Telephone:- 011- 26160286, Ext. 289, . E-Mail:- afcatcell@gmail.com AFSB Clement Town Dehradun- 248002. Telephone:- 0135-2642269
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  5. AFCAT 2 2020 online exam will be conducted on 19 Sep 20 and 20 Sep 2020. IAF will publish the results of AFCAT 2 2020 in Oct 2020 and candidates will be able to check their marks, cut off marks etc on the official portal i.e. afcat.cdac.in. Selected candidates have to choose their AFSB interview venue and date on the same portal
  6. SSB interview Preparation is a platform dedicated to the SSB aspirants where one can prepare and practice for SSB Interview completely. This app is meant for Interview of all three forces i.e. Army , Air Force, Navy of which the respective boards are SSB , AFSB , NSB. and provides ample number of tests for practice. 1

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  1. 16 July 2021 Daily Current Affairs With Video Lecture [DOWNLOAD PDF] Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Rudraksh Convention Center which is a symbol of friendship between Japan and India. The Convention Centre is a well-equipped, comprising of the main hall with a full flying tower, a seating capacity of 1,200, a gallery, meeting.
  2. Points we will consider in this Video...1- How many Reported2- Fresher/Repeater3- OIR- • Booklet no,• Qns and time,• Difficulty level,• mostly qns type...
  3. PPDT -Picture Perception & Discussion Test 2020 P icture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) is the second test in Screening series, This test comprises to two parts, first is Perception and second is Page 10/3
  5. latest gd topics for ssb 2020|gd topics for ssb 2020|afsb gd topics|ppdt,oir,ssb| education circuit gd topics asked in recent ssb's 2020 , ssb allahabad ,very important!! story writing for ppdt \u0026 tat - handling negative stimulus gd/ lecturette topics afsb 2020 i 2020 latest lecture topics in ssb interview

[CDS/SSB] Tips on interview stage: PPDT, group discussion, GTO tasks, tests, technical details, suggestions .I have appeared for AFCAT-FEB-2015 and cleared written test,and i have selected the AFSB mysore as SSB center and date on 10-AUG-2015.some friends telling that since i have choosen last date i.e in august,by then ssb have already. PPDT, which is Picture Perception and Discussion Test are very important as based on this, candidates are selected for the next level or the next phase. Tips to Pass Screening Round in SSB Before going for any tips and tricks, always remember that there is a time limit, and if they say 15 minutes, then take it as 10 minutes Furthermore, candidates should know that the AFSB Interview will be conducted in three stages and they should prepare according to it. The stages include: 1st Stage - OIR and PPDT (Officer Intelligence Rating Test and Picture Perception and discussion test) 2nd Stage - Psychological Test

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3. SSB OIR & PPDT : Complete Guide To Stage 1. The screening test on reporting of Service Selection Centre is one most important academic test to identify the basic intelligence of the candidate. It is a verbal & non verbal and quite a simple test for the average students Watch Antra Mehta talk about how she went about cracking the SSB interview through AFCAT Entry from 2 AFSB Mysore in third attempt! Watch and get inspired! World-Class Infrastructure. Located in the heart of Central India, Nagpur, Maharashtra our state-of-the-art campus offers big classrooms, sports grounds, basketball court, swimming pool. Click here for SSB Experience Series: Recommended from AFSB Dehradun in first attempt - Part2. About the Author: Abhishek Chaturvedi is a BTech Graduate and is working in an IT firm for more than two years now. He is recommended from AFSB Dehradun recently in his first attempt and is willing to share his experience with the peers for their benefit The Minerva Academy has achieved an enviable and unbeatable record of success for imparting coaching for SSB Interviews. The Minerva Academy is the Premier, the Oldest and the Best Academy for Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews for officer level entry into the Armed Forces of India (Army, Navy, and Air Force) Dear Students, SSB OIR Free Practice Test Papers in PDF format which you can download and solve it. SSB OIR Test contains questions of verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Therefore, you can practice the questions of R.S.Aggarwal (Verbal & Non-Verbal) and B.S.Sijwali (Verbal & Non-Verbal) reasoning books which are sufficient to qualify.

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  1. The first stage in the NDA selection process is the written exam. NDA 2021 written exam comprises two papers - Elementary Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). The total marks allotted to NDA written exam is 900. Candidates have to qualify both the papers separately. NDA Paper 1 comprises 120 questions for 300 marks while paper 1.
  2. g officers into the Indian Armed Forces.The board evaluates the suitability of the candidate for beco
  3. Prepare for CDS, NDA and AFCAT, TA, SSB Interview Exams. Online Mock Tests and Video Course for AFCAT, CDS, NDA, TA, SSB, Airmen, Sailor, Jawans and more
  4. SSB Interview 2021, SSB Registration- Check Dates & Procedure. NDA (I) 2021 SSB Interview Registration will be started after the written test. SSB (Service Selection Board) is an organization which is set-up by the Ministry of Defence, India. Service Selection Board is the body that schedule, organize and conduct the SSB Interview of the.
  5. SHUBHAM SHARMA S/O 4AFSB VARANASI. Link July 30, 2017. November 30, 2017. ssbplus (+) 2 Comments. Hello dear FUTURE OFFICERS. I am Shubham Sharma currently pursuing btech. I thought of writing this for SSBplus because of its unique and very much helpful idea, that is stories of unsuccessful candidates (FUTURE OFFICERS)
  6. PPDT: In this test, a picture will be shown to candidates on the screen on which they will be required to perceive correctly. Based on the number of characters in the picture, their age, their mood, and so on, candidates have to write a story. Your perception should be correct. 4 AFSB: Things To Carry In SSB
  7. Group Picture - Candidate Mess (1AFSB Dehradun) A lot of children dream of flying a fighter jet, its just that only a handful set out to achieve this goal. And in this pursuit you have to encounter Indian Air Force Service Selection Boards (AFSB). I got my chance to undo my failure in NDA five years back at 4AFSB Varanasi

of testimonials is a thing of the past. Whether it is selection for a job, or for training abroad or for admission to a college course, there is definitely a Facebook page opens in new window Twitter page opens in new window Instagram page opens in new window YouTube page opens in new window Linkedin page opens in new windo

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Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) Officer Intelligence Rating or OIR is a test of intelligence of a candidate. This test comprises of two test booklets, each booklet has around 40 (sometimes 50) questions for which you will be given 17 Minutes time (will increase for 50 questions). You must try to solve all questions in the given time SSB Lecturette Topics 2020: Many defence aspirants especially freshers are always desperate to know about how to deliver SSB Interview Lecturette.Indeed, lecturette is very important individual task in which many officer like qualities are assessed. How well the candidate is able to express his/her thoughts to his team in the mean time pressure is checked in the lecturette part 2. Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) Next comes the PPDT - this comprises of two Stages: Picture Perception - A blur , hazy , black and white picture is flashed for 30 Sec. and you are required to note down the age , mood ( positive , Negative , Neutral) of all characters you see

Following are the details of the different stages in an AFSB interview. AFSB Interview Stage I:-Stage I of an AFSB Interview is a screening test. It takes place on the first day of candidates arriving at the AFSB centre and includes two tests. These are: Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test. Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT Welcome to SSB Academy. The Cavalier. Connected to Ring Road and Metro Station (Rajouri Garden) C-73, Shardapuri (Marble market), Ring Road, Rajouri Garden, (Opposite Home Saaz Showroom), New Delhi - 110015. Contact No. - 011-41446601 / 02. Mobile No. : 09818448881, 09868108881 INDIA'S BIGGEST DEFENCE EXAMS DIGITAL LIBRARY GovtCrackers is online as well as offline platform that is going to help all the aspirants make their career into DEFENCE i.e ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE. The channel is going to provide you with all the DEFENCE related study matter, notes, PDFs, books

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AFCAT , CDS , Defence Exams Study Material , General Knowledge , NDA , Sports & Games , Sports & Games Notes For AFCAT CDS NDA. New Games As Well As Sports G.K. For All Competitive Written Exams. GAMES / SPORTS GK Sports in addition to Games General Knowledge questions are existence asked inwards many competitive written exams in. The AFSB Centers are at Varanasi, Gandhinagar, Mysore and Dehradun. SSB is an extensive 5 day process which comprises of Screening Test, GTO, Individual Test, Interview. Phase 3. Those candidates who qualify the SSB process are then called for Medical Examination by Air Force Selection Board. (PPDT) is conducted Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) -2 (2021), is an all-India online examination, which will be conducted on 28-30 August 2021 by the Indian Air Force.. This article will give you all the details on how to apply for afcat and submit your online application for AFCAT. The online applications can be submitted in 30 June 2021. The examination and SSB interview will facilitate to fill.

The lakshya academy. 2 hrs ·. Akhil Tyagi saw the videos like many others from India Pak n Bangladesh has benefitted. Please watch till the end it's an eye-opener. You don't have to go to lakshya just watch the videos or go through a special video course Mar 2, 2014 - 1 AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) situated in the capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. Dehradun is in the Doon Valley on the foothills of the Himalaya SSB Interview Online Coaching in India| Best SSB Interview Online Coaching in India. Join the Best Services Selection Board (SSB) Exam Preparation, Training Institutes to Learn General Knowledge, English and Hindi and Reasoning Courses for Army (Indian Military), Navy and Air force exam in India and get SSB exam Pattern, Syllabus, Practice Writing, Analyzing ideas, Week day classes OIR Test & PPDT - SSB Interview Screening Test - Stage 1 Testing Once again on the series a book by SSB crack. And this book is solely dedicated to the first stage of the SSB, that is the screening test which means it's totally dedicated on the OIR test and PPDT Test Testing Hall This is d testing hall where all of written test including conference are conducted. INSB,PABT,EKT,CET,PPDT,WAT,SAT,Physco.,PP & story writing, Own Description tests

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Best SSB Coaching Institute in Dehradun with very experienced team of Army/ Navy & Airforce Officers covering all 3 techniques,who have served in SSB/ NSB & AFSB as Interviewing Officer/ Psychologist & GTOs alongwith full fledged GTO ground with all outdoor tasks. Best SSB interview Training Dehradun uttarakhand MY EXPERIENCE FROM 2 AFSB MYSORE. My Recent experience at 2AFSB Mysore Recently I visited 2AfSb Mysore on 12th DAY 1------ I reached the centre at around 6'o clock where we were made to stand in line we were asked to show our original admit card and also a printout of call letter Then we were taken to testing wing where we were we had to give. Candidates will go through QIR test and PPDT test which are part of the screening test. Candidates will be getting their results within two hours, after the PPDT (picture perception and description test) is over. Candidates who will clear the screening test will stay back for 5 days AFSB interview Career Defence School Ambala. 2 hrs ·. #How To Become Technical Officer In The Indian Air Force| Eligibility,Selection,Training # Apply For Free Scholarship Test # Call Us 7419999228#careerdefenceschool#. Share

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PPDT and TAT Original Pictures. PPDT_Image_1.pdf. The Cause of Kashmir. Ppdt Own Stories. The Practical Guide ssb. SSB Interview Process - Day 1 to 5 _ Cdsexam. 15 SSB Interview Questions Asked In AFSB Dehradun.pdf. Uploaded by. Preran Prasad. ayers2015lang0126 0130. Uploaded by. api-237641032. GTOs Attitude Towards Candidate & Handling of. interview has to go through the screening test on day 1 which contains OIR test and PPDT & GD round. We can say that the first test conducted in SSB interview is Officer Intelligence Rating Test, OIR test is a written exam consisting of 54-55 questions consisting simple linguistic, logical, Latest 20 Questions for SSB Interview OIR Test 201 Get Free Ssb Interview The Complete Guideby Dr Cdr Natarajan Arihant Publications Free Amazon.in - Buy SSB Interview: The Complete Guide book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Read SSB Interview: The Complete Guide book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. Free delivery o SSB GTO Gurudevas Academy SSB Interview Questions For Freshers (With Sample Answers) - PART 1 SSB || TIPS by army chief General bipin rawat || INDIAN ARMY Stage-1 Screening (Live Demo) Part 2: Story Narration \u0026 Group Discussion (PPDT) | SSB Intervie

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