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An explosion Tuesday afternoon at a steel plant in East Malaysia left six workers with minor injuries. The Southeast Asian nation is divided in two by the South China Sea. Smoke from the fire on the Malay Peninsula could be seen from East Malaysia 400 miles away, local media report BANGKOK, July 5 — An explosion near Thai capital Bangkok's international airport today left a plastic's factory in flames, killing at least one firefighter and wounding 27 people, officials said. Heavy plumes of black smoke could be seen rising up to the sky from the city's.. KUALA LUMPUR (REUTERS, THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A fire and explosion occurred at the Pengerang refining and petrochemicals complex in Malaysia's southern state of Johor, leaving five dead Free Malaysia Today (FMT) 25.4 C. the outskirts of Thailand's capital were being evacuated on Monday and firefighters battled blazes for hours after a factory explosion that killed one. A plume of smoke is seen following an explosion at a steel factory in the Perai Industrial Park, Penang. GEORGE TOWN: A section of a steel factory at the Perai Industrial Park exploded this.

Dust explosion followed by fire in chemical processing plant. Dust explosion in a chemical processing plant has resulted in fatality of two workers, whilst two others were seriously injured in the face and body. The plant activity is processing Stearate based chemical for medicines and cosmetics purposes. Investigation found that there are. In April 2019, an explosion and fire occurred at the plant's atmospheric residue desulphurisation unit (ARDS), a unit that removes sulfur from fuel oil, which is then used to produce gasoline. The fire and explosion took place at 1.25am on April 12 at the Petronas Pengerang Integrated Complex oil and gas facility in Johor. An emergency and fire response team was deployed and contained.

April 13, 1976: Lapua Cartridge Factory explosion. An explosion in a munitions factory in Lapua, Finland kills 40 workers. May 5, 1983: 6 Martie Ammunition Factory in Zărnești, Romania. An explosion in the production facilities inside the factory completely destroyed two buildings, killing 37 people and injuring more than 300 Incident Description: On October 20, 2020, the New Straits Times reported an explosion and fire at a steel manufacturing company in Perai, Malaysia. The incident occurred at approximately 4:28 p.m. The explosion itself can be seen on a video posted to Facebook

The National Conference for Postgraduate Research 2016, Universiti Malaysia Pahang 485 2.2 DUST EXPLOSION CASES IN MALAYSIA There are several cases reported in the website of Department of Safety and Health which is happened in Mac 2008 in Lumut, Perak. The incident takes place at flour factory. The incident was triggered by the hot wor factory 1991-05-07: Bright Sparklers Fireworks disaster: Sungai Buloh, Malaysia: 26 deaths, 83 injuries: factory 1991-06-21: Fireworks store explosion: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 22 deaths: warehouse 1996-01-00: explosion in an illegal fireworks factory: Hunan, China: 129 deaths: factory 1996-07-03: Fireworks stand explosion: Lawrence County, Ohio. This is the second fire in less than a year at the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) in Malaysia's southern state of Johor. In April 2019, an explosion and fire occurred at the plant's.

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6 workers injured in steel smelting furnace explosion 21 Oct 2020 / 08:20 H. 6 workers of a steel plant were injured after an explosion in Prai yesterday evening Indonesian dead, three hurt in Telok Panglima Garang oil tank blaze. SHAH ALAM, May 1 — An Indonesian man was killed while three others suffered minor injuries when two crude oil tanks caught fire at the Emery Oleochemicals plant in Telok Panglima Garang Industrial area today. Selangor Fire and Rescue Department director Norazam Khamis said. An explosion near Bangkok's international airport Monday left a plastics factory in flames, killing at least one firefighter and wounding 33 people as rescue workers struggled to extinguish the. The Steel Making Plant 2 at the Ann Joo Steel Factory in Prai, Penang, suffered an explosion just after 4 PM on Tuesday, 20 October 2020. The incident was caught on video at around 4:07 PM, and fortunately, there were no fatalities! According to the Fire Department, they received a call at 4:28 PM and sent a team of 15 firemen The explosion rocked the plastic foam-producing factory at around 3 am local time in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province and caused a massive fire in the plant, according to local media. The blast reportedly happened in Ming Dih Chemical, a Taiwanese company established in Thailand in 1989

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Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director of operations Hafisham Mohd Noor said in the 5pm incident, the factory workers were believed to have been carrying out maintenance work when an explosion occurred which led to a fire. The critically injured worker suffered 75 per cent burns on the body. Three others sustained 50 per cent. PRAI: Six workers sustained minor injuries during an explosion in a fire which broke out at a steel factory here this afternoon. The Prai Fire and Rescue Department was alerted to the incident about 4.28pm. At the height of the blaze, thick black smoke could be seen even from the island A charred truck sits in the wreckage after and explosion and raging fire at a chemical factory in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, Monday, July 5, 2021. A massive explosion at a factory on the. CCTV shows how surrounding homes shook and glass windows shattered. Thousands of terrified residents living within a five-mile radius of the factory were evacuated amid fears of a second explosion. Police said that at least 12 people had been rushed to hospital with serious injuries from the explosion at the Mingdih Chemical polystyrene factory

In the 2.50 am (local time) incident, the fire broke out at the factory in Bang Phli district at Samut Prakan province and the explosion caused damage to nearby buildings and houses. Thick black smoke was seen emanating from the burning factory. The injured include five volunteers, while 70 houses and 15 vehicles were damaged The U.S. is the No. 1 customer, importing $1.6 billion worth of rubber gloves from Malaysia in 2019, according to federal data. Customs and Border Protection said its action against two units of. Factory Explosion Nearby Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. The explosion occurred at about 3:00am local time at the Ming Dih factory, located in Bang Phli less than three miles from BKK, Bangkok's main international airport. The factory manufactures foam and plastic pallets. At least one person was killed and 29 were injured in the blast

JOHOR BARU: One worker was killed while two others were injured following a small explosion at a factory in the Tanjung Langsat industrial area in Pasir Gudang, here, this afternoon. The welder who was killed has been identified as Wilson Bangau, 45, from Sarawak while the two injured workers are Bonsi Buli, 42, and Muhamad Syafiq Abdul Rahman, 23 Dust Explosion Review : USA & Malaysia Causes of Dust Explosion Prevention and Mitigation of Dust Explosion Dust Explosion R&D Work at UMP 2. 22/10/2015 2 S.I. Rani, J. Gimbun, B.A. Aziz 3 4 Fig.2.1. Scheme of explosions in chemical process industries (Abbasi et al., 2010). Incidents in Malaysia Motorcycle rim manufacturing factory. Huge Explosion Rocks Petronas' Refinery in Malaysia. R reports that a fire at Petronas' Malaysian oil refinery was brought under control early on Friday after an explosion. The company was testing its facilities ahead of planned commercial operations later this year. A fire at Petronas' refinery could be quickly extinguished BATU ARANG: An explosion has occurred at a commercial explosives plant in Batu Arang. According to the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department, the incident occurred at 1.50pm on Wednesday (July 1) Combustible Dust Explosion at Motorcycle Rim Manufactured Factory . This safety alert is issued following the occurrence of an aluminum dust explosion occurred at a motorcycle rim manufactured factory in the early November 2010. 8 workers were injured as a result of the dust explosion and 2 of them received serious injuries

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  1. The Taoyuan City Fire Department dispatched 76 personnel, 28 fire appliances and 2 ambulances to the scene of the fire. The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation. Liberty Times reported that the factory produces hydroxychloroquine APIs, and is the world's second largest HCQ raw material supplier
  2. OSWIECIM, Poland—Synthos was hit by a blast and a fire at its emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber (ESBR) production plant in Oswiecim on Jan. 7. The plant has since been restarted. The incident, which occurred at the Synthos Dwory site, happened when an uncontrolled ignition catalyzed an explosion and a fire in the incinerator of the ESBR.
  3. Sivakasi Factory Explosion (2012) The 5 September fire in a Sivakasi fireworks factory was the worst in recent memory. Malaysia. On May 7 1991 the factory burst into flames, destroying lives and livelihood alike. During an experiment in the factory's canteen, the explosives chemicals sparked off fires which quickly spread on to the nearby.
  4. Ukuran Font: - +. TEMPO.CO , Bangkok - An explosion and the ensuing fire killed one people and injured about 30 others in a chemical factory in Thailand , near the capital Bangkok on Monday, July 5. The explosion rocked the plastic foam-producing factory at around 3:00 a.m. local time in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province and caused a.
  5. Picture Daily News Daily News reported that one rescue worker had died and 20 householders in the area of a plastics factory in Samut Prakan were injured after an explosion and subsequent fire.. It occurred at the Minty plastics company in Soi King Kaew 21 during Sunday night/Monday morning. A video of CCTV showed the moment that windows shattered at a house and still pictures at several.
  6. An explosion and fire occurred at a gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant in Bintulu, Sarawak. The fire was brought under control on the next day. The plant was one of only two commercially successful GTL plants in the world at the time, with a capacity to produce 12,500 bbl-per-day of middle distillates and waxes from natural gasContinue reading Bintulu Explosion 199

Picture: Daily News Daily News reported there was widespread damage and many injuries after an explosion at a plastics factory producing foam pellets in Bang Plee, Samut Prakan east of Bangkok. The explosion happened some time after 3 am this morning at the Minty Chemical company in Soi King Kaew.. Malaysia holds the world's 24 th largest crude oil reserves. According to BP's Statistical Review of World Energy 2008, Malaysia is also the world's 14th largest natural gas reserves with a capacity of 88 trillion cubic feet. Besides, Malaysia also possesses th An industrial plant dedicated to oxygen packing in the city of Fortaleza, in Brazil's northeastern region, exploded on Saturday, leaving four people injured, local media reported. Industrial gas maker White Martins, owner of the plant, said in a statement that production of oxygen in the region has not been affected, as the unit was dedicated to packing the gas The explosion and fire occurred at about 1:25 a.m. on Friday (1725 GMT on Thursday) at the plant's atmospheric residue desulphurisation unit (ARDS), which is in its commissioning stage, Petronas. Catch up on the latest news, views and jobs from The Chemical Engineer. Below are the four latest issues. View a wider selection of the archive from within the Magazine section of this site. June 2021 Issue 960

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  1. BANGKOK — An explosion near Thai capital Bangkok's international airport Monday left a plastic's factory in flames, killing at least one firefighter and wounding 27 people, officials said
  2. Massive fire engulfs Indonesian oil refinery after explosion. The plant, which opened in the mid-90s and can refine about 125,000 barrels of oil a day, is about 120 miles (200km) east of the.
  3. al serving Thailand's capital and prompted the evacuation of residents from the area

A helicopter drops a fire-retardant in a massive factory fire in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, Monday, July 5, 2021. A massive explosion at a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok has shaken an airport terminal serving Thailand's capital, damaged homes in the surrounding neighborhood, and prompted the evacuation of a wide area over fears of poisonous fumes from burning chemicals and the. Malaysia deports conspiracy theorist. June 14, 2021. KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Malaysia yesterday deported a leading figure in conspiracy circles who is wanted in France over the kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl, sources told AFP. Remy Daillet, his pregnant partner and three children were arrested late last month on the holiday island of. The explosion was so powerful that it apparently triggered a small earthquake, knocked down several factory buildings and shattered the windows of homes a few kilometres away. Hundreds of rescuers have been dispatched to the scene of the facility run by Tianjiayi Chemical, local authorities said, and more than 3,000 people have been evacuated. 21st February 2013 Paul Boughton. An explosion at Imperial Sugar's plant in Port Wentworth, Georgia, US on 7th February, left 12 workers dead and a dozen more in critical condition in hospital with burns. The blast occurred at about 7pm when there were about 100 workers on site. It was felt in neighbouring towns This study presents a detailed review and analysis of fire and explosion accidents that occurred in the maritime transportation industry during 1990-2015. The underlying causes of fire and explosion accidents are identified and analysed. This study also reviewed potential preventative measures to prevent such accidents

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explosion. However, if the substance involved is flammable, it is likely that the resulting cloud of the substance will ignite after the BLEVE has occurred, forming a fireball and possibly a fuel-air explosion, also termed a vapor cloud explosion (VCE). If the materials are toxic, a large area will be contaminated Malaysia's economy is forward-looking and has grown strongly in recent years. Due to the country's manufacturing focus, Industry 4.0 and technology improvement are important topics. Pepperl+Fuchs, as a pioneer in automation technology and explosion protection, provides companies with innovative product solutions for these challenges.

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BANGKOK, July 5 -- A powerful explosion and a massive fire at a plastic foam factory in Thailand's Bang Phli district early on Monday has left at least 21 people injured, Sputnik quoted the Bangkok Post report.. The blast occurred at the Ming Dih Chemical Co factory, which has about five to six warehouses with 50 tonnes of chemicals, according to the newspaper Windows and some parts of the roof of my house were broken.' The cause of the explosion is still unknown and fire crews are still working to bring the flames under control. Officials said the factory houses at least five warehouses where more than 50 tonnes of chemicals were being stored

Thick smoke billows from a plastics factory on the outskirts of Bangkok today, following an explosion on the premises about 3am. - AFP pic, July 5, 2021 BANGKOK - An explosion near the Thai capital's international airport today left a plastics factory in flames, killing at least one firefighter and wounding 27 people, said officials A 2018 research by tech review site comparitech.com placed Malaysia in sixth spot among 28 countries in a survey to measure cyberbullying. The ASEAN member state ranked second in Asia. Based on a 2019 poll by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on violence against children in 30 countries, one in five young people were reported to. The explosion caused a fire, which was extinguished about two hours later. ALSO READ: Malaysia shuts schools after chemical pollution sickens kids. The explosion caused a fire, which was extinguished about two hours later. Thirty-six people, including factory workers and villagers near the plant, were injured

EHS Today Staff. Mar 27, 2000. One fatality has been confirmed as a result of an explosion and fire yesterday at Phillips' K-Resin styrene-butadiene copolymer (SBC) plant, located at the company's Houston Chemical Complex (HCC) near Pasadena, Texas. At least 71 workers were injured in the third major explosion at the factory in the past 11 years Malaysia imposes restrictions on movement in latest Covid-19 battle. Officials in Malaysia have introduced a number of additional restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19, following a record near 7,000 new infections yesterday. Sunday was the fifth day of new cases remaining above 6,000. A Nation Thailand report states that new.

Malaysia's parliament will hold a special sitting for five days starting from July 26 to allow lawmakers to be briefed on a national recovery plan, the office of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said on Monday. The sitting will also allow the legislative body to amend necessary laws to conduct hybrid parliament meetings with virtual and physical attendance, the office said in a statement This dust explosion happened in August 1975 at a fish meal grinding plant in Halsa, a town on the west coast of Norway. In these facilities, leftover fish is ground and dried into a powdered meal used as animal feed and in agricultural settings. The plant consisted of a wooden building about 30 meters tall, which contained several large storage. BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — An explosion rocked a munitions factory central Serbia on Saturday in the second such incident this month, injuring at least three workers, state-run Serbian television reported. A powerful explosion was heard just before 8 p.m. (1800GMT), followed by several smaller blasts, the TV report said

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There's been a horrible explosion at a factory in China leading to at least 65 people being killed and hundreds more being injured. The plant was a supplier to General Motors, among others, and we. An explosion on an oxygen pipeline in a petrochemical plant in Assaluyeh on Iran's Gulf coast killed one worker, Iranian state media reported on Wednesday, adding that the ensuing fire had been extinguished. One worker was killed and two others were injured in the explosion on the oxygen transmission pipeline , Iran's state news agency IRNA. Malaysia Announces National Lockdown. A medical worker wearing a protective suit inserts a test kit into a device at a free COVID-19 coronavirus testing site in Shah Alam, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, on 27 May, 2021. (AFP Photo) Malaysia announced on Friday it will impose a nationwide lockdown for the first time in over a year as it. COLLIN COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Two people were killed and two people were seriously injured in a natural gas explosion off FM 2756 near Texas 78 in Collin County on Monday, June 28 around 3:30 p.m. The scene is north of Farmersville, south of Blue Ridge. Explosion in Collin County (Chopper 11 A haul of about 1.2 tonnes of heroin and methamphetamine inside 39 plastic baskets was found in the Tam Malang Canal in Satun province on Thursday. Thai maritime authorities and Satun marine police came upon the narcotics while surveying the mangrove forest, which lies in a border area between Thailand and Malaysia

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An explosion and ensuing fire on Monday at the plastic pellet factory killed one firefighter and injured dozens of others. Residents in the area have been evacuated, but firefighters remained at the site, trying to prevent the highly flammable styrene monomer stored in the factory from re-igniting Thousands of people have been evacuated after an explosion near Thailand's international airport left one dead and another 29 injured, officials said

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  1. Thailand News Today | Factory explosion, Covid visa extensions, Samui 'Sandbox' Chemical plant fire near Bangkok continues to burn, 5km evacuation radius still in force; 7,347 hotel bookings on Phuket in July, as 15 local COVID-19 infections logge
  2. One dead, 27 injured from Bangkok factory explosion 05 Jul 2021 / 16:41 H. Heavy plumes of smoke could be seen in Bangkok's downtown from an explosion 35 kilometres away near the city's airport
  3. 5 Killed in Fire, Blast at PetroChem Complex. A fire and explosion at a refining and petrochemicals complex in Malaysia's southern state of Johor left five workers dead, officials said. Another worker sustained 70 percent burns, Pauzan Ahmad, an official with the Johor state fire and rescue department, said of the March 15 fire
  4. A factory making explosives in Batu Arang was partly damaged in an explosion yesterday. Gombak district police chief ACP Arifai Tarawe said the company's security officer made a police report on.
  5. ation. Ultimately, conclusive evidence was.
  6. KLANG: A factory in Pulau Indah was razed to the ground on Friday (April 12) night. Fire and Rescue Department personnel responded to the fire at a silicone factory on the island at 9.16pm

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Bintulu, Malaysia: A major fire occurred in the exhaust system of the propane gas turbine in the first train (Train Number 7) of the MLNG Tiga project at the Petronas' LNG Complex. 2004: Skikda, Algeria: A steam boiler that was part of an LNG production plant exploded, triggering a second, more massive vapor-cloud explosion and fire A factory employee was also killed in Tuesday's blast. Another worker died from injuries on Wednesday. The explosion occurred at about 18:40 local time (17:40 GMT) in La Canonja GCL-Poly Energy, one of the world's largest producers of polysilicon, has been compelled to shut a production facility in Xinjiang after explosions of the refrigerant mixture on July 19. The Xinjiang plant has an annualised capacity of 48,000 mt, with 20,000 mt/year of capacity slated to come online in the Q4 A powerful explosion hits a badly damaged Japanese nuclear power plant, as a huge relief operation continues after Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami An explosion caused a large fire to break out early Monday morning at a Chemtool Inc. lubricant manufacturing plant in northern Illinois, prompting evacuations and leaving the future of the facility in question as the fire continued to burn as of Tuesday morning, according to local reports.. All 70 employees on-site at the Rockton, Ill., plant evacuated without injuries, fire officials and.

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An explosion at an Israeli weapons factory has given the Iranians cause for celebration. It's unclear if their gloating reflects a belief that the Israelis themselves were responsible for a destructive accident or, rather, the hope that Iranian saboteurs were responsible, as a response to the explosion at Natanz a few weeks ago that has been universally attributed to Israel An explosion at a chemical plant in the central Chinese province of Hubei has killed five people and injured one.The incident took place around 2.15pm on Monday at a plant inside the Yuekou. An explosion near Bangkok's international airport Monday left a plastics factory in flames, killing at least one firefighter and wounding 33 people as rescue workers struggled to extinguish the blaze hours later

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In another incident not far from the Tuesday blast, a huge explosion happened on March 21, 2019 following a fire that broke out at a plant owned by Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. at a. A massive explosion ripped through a large metal tank used to store treated biosolids Thursday morning, killing four workers. The force of the blast at a Geneco water recycling centre in Avonmouth. cause fire, explosion or adverse health effects to any person (other than petroleum or petroleum products) which is used in connection with and for the purposes of a factory, shall be deemed to be part of the factory. (4) For the purpose of subsection (3), pipelines means the physica Comprehensive services for explosion protection. Our comprehensive explosion protection testing and certification services cover: Testing and certification of electrical and non-electrical (mechanical) components and equipment used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, including safety, control and regulating devices. Risk analysis

  1. PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and LG Chem recently inked an agreement to build a Nitrile Butadiene Latex (NBL) manufacturing plant at Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) in Johor to target the growing nitrile glove market, further strengthening Malaysia's position as the largest exporter of gloves globally..
  2. It features videos from five chemical plant explosions that were the result of explosions of flammable materials, such as rocket fuel (which produces a flammable gas), acrylic acid, and crude oil. The 2010 power plant explosion in Middletown, CT , which killed six people and injured more than 50, can also be traced to flammable gas
  3. In January 2003, an explosion at the . West Pharmaceutical facility in Kings-ton, North Carolina killed six workers and injured 38 others, including two firefighters. The culprit: inadequate control of dust hazards at the plant. Only a month later, in February 2003, another explosion and fire damaged the CTA Acoustics manufacturing plan
  4. Four people were killed and 10 injured in a blast at a food processing factory in northern Beijing on Tuesday.The explosion erupted just after 3pm at a factory owned by Japanese company Kyo-Nichi.
  5. BANGKOK (AP) — A massive explosion at a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok early Monday killed at least one person and injured 11 more, while prompting the evacuation of a wide area, including the hospital where casualties were initially treated, over fears of poisonous fumes from burning chemicals and the possibility of additional denotations. [
  6. The US Air Force's Pacific commander criticized Chinese military flights off Malaysia and Taiwan, describing them on Friday as escalatory and destabilising.. China has rejected the allegations that the flights entered Malaysian airspace and stated that the aircraft were on routine training and. This week, 16 Chinese military.
  7. TSU, Japan (Kyodo) --An explosion at a Honda Motor plant in Mie Prefecture, central Japan, seriously injured two men on Sunday, police said. The blast occurred at around 9:15 a.m. near an.

Borne out of Shell's decades of research into gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, Shell MDS in Bintulu is the world's very first commercial GTL plant. Producing high quality, environmentally friendly GTL products, Shell MDS has grown with the people of Bintulu and continues to push the boundaries of GTL innovation Magnesium Dust Explosion. Stonehouse Process Safety commentary: There are a number of reasons why metal dust explosions are particularly hazardous.First, dust cloud explosion temperatures and pressures for most organic materials are limited to about 2,300 o C and 9 barg respectively. In contrast, explosion temperatures and pressures for most metals can reach around 3,500 o C and 12 barg, and.

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As the latest in a series of disasters disrupting the company, an explosion in a key specialty steel plant of Toyota threatens to paralyze Japanese production of the carmaker for up to two months ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) PROCEDURE AND REQUIREMENTS IN MALAYSIA Department of Environment Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment Level 1-4, Podium 2 & 3 No. 25, Persiaran Perdana Presint 4 62574 PUTRAJAYA First published 21 October, 1990 Revised January, 1991 Revised March, 1992 Revised May, 1993 Revised November, 1994 Revised October, 2007 (vi) Agreement between the. A common question raised by a manufacturer setting up plant in Malaysia is whether their nature of manufacturing activity falls under light, medium or heavy industry. This is an important question to be addressed as the industrial area in Malaysia some of which are subdivided into Light, Medium and Heavy Industry A massive explosion occurred at a factory in Thailand on Monday (5/7). The blast caused the residents' surroundings the area had to be evacuated. According to authorities, 62 people are injured, including 12 involved in firefighting and rescue missions. Get the latest updates from all around the world on @seatodaynews The allegations, which R is the first to report, initially surfaced when 185 foreign workers filed three complaints against Goodyear Malaysia in the country's industrial court, two in 2019.

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The explosion occurred at about 2:59 am local time in a petrochemical factory of Lotte Chemical in the southwest city of Seosan, South Chungcheong province. The explosion caused a fire, which was extinguished about two hours later. ALSO READ: Malaysia shuts schools after chemical pollution sickens kid Oppau explosion. On Sept. 21, 1921, a tower silo storing 4,500 tonnes of anammonium sulfate/ammonium nitrate fertilizer mixture exploded at the BASF plant in Oppau, now part of Ludwigshafen. This footage was filmed and produced 5 July 2021. An explosion and a huge fire rocked a factory producing plastic foam and pellets in Samut Prakan on early Monday morning, July 5. Many hours after the..